Expanded Wire Gutter Guards in shady wooded lot in Katy, TX
Fine Mesh Gutter Guards installed on Katy, TX home

Guardian of Your Gutters: Exploring the Benefits of Gutter Guards in The Woodlands

Gutter guards are a revolutionary solution designed to tackle debris, leaves, seeds, pine needles, and other nuisances that can compromise your gutters in The Woodlands.

Our neighborhoods are filled with trees like Live Oaks, Bur oaks, Shumard oaks, Chinkapin oaks, and more.

The trees offer the beauty that gives our town its name. But they also have some drawbacks. For instance, all these trees are heavy shedders, which means some local residents have to clean their gutters up to four times a year!

We have the solution if you're tired of watching your gutters fill up after every heavy windstorm or rain shower.


From Debris to Defense: Gutter Guards Transform Homes in The Woodlands

Here are a few reasons why gutter guards are a great choice for your home.

  1. They extend the lifespan of your gutter system. Less debris in your gutter means less weight on the gutter hangars, soffit and fascia.
  2. They reduce the opportunity for clogs, standing water, and pest infestations.
  3. They help you save money and time on gutter cleaning.

If you're sick of thinking about your gutters when you could be having fun in one of the best communities in Texas, then gutter covers are an amazing solution!

Maintenance-Free Gutters?

Most of the time, the wind sweeps debris off the gutter guards. The mesh on our guards is so fine that water can easily get through, when the smallest of seeds and pine needles struggle.

When debris does accumulate, all you have to do is grab a long broom and push it off!

Compare a quick sweep of your guttering with a long Saturday spent on a ladder!

Leaf guards (aka gutter covers) are an outstanding solution, especially if you have "shedding trees" in your yard that transform gutter maintenance into an ongoing headache.

Meet LeafBlaster® Pro Guards for Homes in The Woodlands

While we offer many of the best gutter guard options, we believe LeafBlaster® Pro guards are almost always the right choice for homeowners in The Woodlands. These guards are aluminum expanded fine mesh wire guards that allow water flow while perfectly blocking other debris.

Sweet gum tree balls? They bounce right off. Helicopter seeds? They can't get in. Pine needles? Only if they drop at a statistically rare angle. Acorns, sticks, and leaves? Bounce or blow right off. Unlike traditional gutter guards, the LeafBlaster® Pro Guards boast a fine mesh that effectively blocks debris and ensures optimal gutter performance. Their durability and resilience against Texan weather make them a reliable long-term choice.

Best of all, this product has the same 20+ year lifespan as our seamless gutters. Get them installed simultaneously to give yourself one of Texas's most effective gutter systems. Schedule an estimate to learn what it will take to bring this superior, low-maintenance water protection system to your home!

Good Work!

Gutter Tex installed leaf guards on my gutters. They're everything you want from a home-services provider: they're communicative, friendly, show up when they're supposed to, and they do good work.

Mike S.


Keith and his team did a fantastic job cleaning our gutters and installing gutter guards. Been very happy with our experience using GutterTex - they are efficient and do good quality work.

Roberto G.

No Leaf Debris!

Emiliano and Brian cleaned all our gutters and then covered them with leaf guard on both the first and second levels. They left no leaf debris.

Two days later we had a heavy thunderstorm and everything worked perfectly. Great job!

Nigel G.

Gutter Tex BBB Business ReviewGutter Tex is a Veteran Owned Business

The Woodlands' Solution to Seamless Rainwater Management

Gutter guards stand as silent sentinels, defending your home in The Woodlands against the challenges posed by nature. Embrace the ease of maintenance, the extended lifespan of your gutters, and the peace of mind that comes with a well-guarded home.

Go enjoy the trails out at Tamarac Park, the Waterway, and the nightlife instead of dealing with gutter maintenance.

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