Taylor, TX Gutter Installation, Cleaning, and Repair

Gutter Tex offers home and business owners in Taylor an extensive collection of metal seamless gutters of copper, aluminum, or galvalume in 5” or 6” K-style or half-round profiles. The materials we use are the most cutting-edge technology, are recyclable, and reduce environmental impact.

Protect and Beautify Your Taylor Property

Aside from the functionality, our gutters come in over 26 colors as well as copper and faux copper options to match and enhance any building. We also install downspouts, gutter guardsrain barrels, and rain chains.

And, while we've got our pressure washer and tall ladders at your property, hire us for house painting, exterior and interior!

Take a look at our recent gutter projects gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Gutters Manage Water and Enhance Curb Appeal

We love that movie, television and commercial film companies choose Taylor as the backdrop of their productions. Reinforcing the strong ties between Taylor and Hollywood, is our historic classic Howard Theatre, located right on Main Street.

Cinematographers come to Taylor because the city is lovely, but also, because it's reliably well-maintained. Taylor homeowners take great care not to have overflowing water from clogged or dilapidated gutters, dripping down their home's exteriors, and damaging the house from its roof to its foundation.

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Gutter Cleaning Services in Taylor

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, as each season presents challenges. The scorching summer heat in Taylor dries out leaves and other gutter debris. When dried organic matter builds up in gutters, and then gets rained on, it clumps together and restricts water flow. Those dried clumps of organic matter are also a fire hazard. And, of course, the entire gutter system should be clog-free before and during our rainiest months.

You should also clean your gutters after any severe weather event. Very strong winds can pick up heavy branches and articles from other people's yards, and drop them into your gutters, causing clogging and damage.

But, I Can Clean My Own Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a messy, time-consuming, and dangerous project. Take a look at our list of 5 ladder safety mistakes before you begin.

It's much safer and easier to hire the experts at Gutter Tex to maintain your gutters. Rest assured, the job will be done quickly and correctly.

Our professional gutter cleaners are employees (not subcontractors or day laborers) and they're covered by liability and workers’ compensation insurance. With over 40 years of combined experience in construction and home improvement services, you can depend on our budget-friendly gutter cleaning expertise.

Customers praise us for being punctual, respectful of your time and property, and for thoroughly cleaning up the job site after project completion.

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They Always Come Through For Us!

These guys always come through for us. We had our home built four years ago, and we had them install the gutters for us. If we ever had an issue with one gutter leaking, they were so quick to come back and address it, no matter how many times it took over the past years! That says a lot about this company and warranty. The guys are so courteous! The employees are very professional, and they are always on time, if not early. They keep us posted as far as the work schedule goes by email with plenty of notice. Today they came back to install a gutter by designed for me under my balcony to keep my rails from tarnishing below on my patio. I highly recommend this company.
Lori R.

For Seamless Performance, Choose Our Seamless Gutters!

You may find other companies that install seamless gutters in Taylor, but the installers at Gutter Tex use rivets, not screws, which further reduces 'snag spots' in your gutters. We also use the best quality products to ensure the longevity and performance of your gutters.

  • All seamless gutters installed by Gutter Tex come with their own respective manufacturer warranties, so the quality of the materials is guaranteed.
  • But, we also believe in the quality of our craftsmanship, which is why we offer a five-year limited labor warranty on each new installation.

What more could you ask from a leading Texas gutter company? Learn how affordable it can be to 'go seamless' with Gutter Tex in Taylor.

Choose Gutter Guards that Reduce Cleaning and Extend Gutter Life

Gutter guards are a no-brainer addition to your seamless gutters. The concept is to protect the open tops of the gutters which prevents most leaves and debris from getting into your gutters.

  • Gutter guards protect the gutter system from damage, debris, and rust, so your gutters last longer.
  • Not only are your gutters protected, but cleanings will be significantly less difficult and less frequent.

Gutter Tex recommends and installs a range of gutter guards in Taylor. We'll help you pick the right high-quality model based on individual factors, like the pitch of your roof and the number of trees around your property.

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Seamless Gutter Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Consumer Reports lists runaway rainwater that pours over the gutters and puddles along the foundation as the #1 home repair that can prevent major problems later. Gutter repair is not something we often think about in Taylor - until rainwater causes damage to our home, gets inside, or destroys landscaping. A properly functioning gutter system will gather water and channel it away from your home.

Gutter repair greatly reduces the chances the system will fail when you need it most. We can help you make the most of your investment with gutter repair, maintenance, and installation services.

We also offer carpentry when siding repair or exterior trim repair or installation is required.

Copper Gutters in Taylor

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright employed copper gutters on homes and buildings he designed. His goal was to use materials in a harmonious way that reflected the colors and textures of the prairie landscape.

Copper gutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including box-style, k-style, and half-round. The best design depends on the roof type and the square footage of the roof area.

Gutter Tex customizes your copper gutter system based on careful measurements, including the pitch of the roof, type of eaves, and slant of the fascia. Every component of your system is copper to ensure a uniform look, including hidden hangers and end caps.

Copper Gutters Downspouts Rock House-Taylor gutters-GutterTex

Taylor Pressure Washing Services

Remove dirt, mold, mildew, insects, and cobwebs from driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patios.

We offer pressure washing services for walkable, non-painted concrete, brick, or flagstone surfaces. It’s difficult, and usually not very effective, to painstakingly clean paths, driveways, and patios with a garden hose and a stiff broom.

Pressure washing thoroughly cleans these surfaces like new. It also reduces the risk of premature deterioration, helps keep bugs and spiders away from your home, and improves curb appeal.

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Gutters Look Awesome!

Blown away by their professionalism and kindness. The gutters look AWESOME (dark bronze).


They came a few days before installation to take off old gutters. Very quick, very thorough. They can evaluate and recommend any fascia or roof repairs at that time. Installation was easy-breezy.


Their lead installer MICAH was THE BEST. Very knowledgeable, very detail oriented and very courteous. He is a true hard-worker.


Highly recommend GUTTER-TEX.
That I.

Knowledgeable and Accessible!

WOW!! This company is fantastic! I am a fairly new homeowner, so I've never dealt with replacing gutters before. After discovering some problems with our home's foundation, we knew gutters would be a great way to help the issue.


I reached out to three different companies to replace our 16-year-old gutters, and Gutter Tex blew them away. Their estimate was very specific and easy to understand. Keith was extremely knowledgeable and accessible any time I needed him. While the other companies left me confused (so vague!), Gutter Tex gave me the information I needed to make the most informed decision for my home.


Joni S.

Money-Saving Rainwater Collection from Gutter Tex

Ask Gutter Tex to add a rainwater collection system when they’re cleaning or installing your gutters.

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Rainwater Collection-Rain Chain-Taylor-Texas -Gutter Tex-600x600

Gutter Tex Rain Barrels

Ecology-minded Taylor homeowners are raving about the benefits of rain barrels, including: recycling water, reducing water bill, helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding, and preserving our water quality.

After all, who wouldn’t appreciate FREE fresh rain water for use in gardens, lawns, landscaping, and potted plants?

Gutter Tex rain barrels include two water removal methods:

  1. A solid brass spigot to dispense into watering cans or buckets
  2. An attachment for hoses, using natural pressure to increase water flow.

Insects, namely mosquitoes, are attracted to standing water. This design protects against insects and debris entry, while reducing algae contamination and odors.

Rain Chains in Taylor

As an alternative to a downspout, rain chains move water gracefully from your gutter system to a rain barrel or other rainwater storage container. Traditionally they are positioned to channel water into a rock bed which then disperses the rainwater.

Most rain chains are made of hammered metal that may be crafted to look like cups, bells, or flowers. And then, some are classic chains, with no embellishment at all. Copper rain chains are cherished for the renowned blue-green patina, but as your preference, there are also rain chains enamel-coated in colors to complement your gutters and house.

Rain chains, like wind chimes, provide an enjoyable tinkling sound, and watching the rainwater cascade down the chain, can be a very relaxing experience. Sometimes in winter, when there's a hard freeze or snow, you'll be delighted with your exquisite frozen rain chains.

Professional Gutter Installation and Repair in Taylor, TX

Gutter Tex owners Dan Ouellette and Dan Schaeffer want to make sure you have the best experience and the high quality you deserve when you replace the gutters on your Taylor home.

We also give back to the community, donating to a supported charity with each sale. Having your gutters replaced by Gutter Tex will give you a high-quality job you can feel good about!