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Gutters Near Sugar Land, TX: Gutter Installation, Cleaning and Repair

Sugar Land expansive soil and weather conditions make it imperative to have strong, sturdy seamless gutters. We get 49.48 inches of rain every year and live in a floodplain! Gutter Tex installs seamless gutters that are long-lasting, highly durable, and ideally suited to our local conditions. They can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at them for up to 20 years or more!

If you're having gutter problems, work with our team to enjoy the smoothest, easiest, and most stress-free experience ever. We're one of the best gutter companies in Texas because we offer superior customer service and top-notch craftsmanship. Protect your home today!


Excellent! Professional!

Excellent work installing gutters in back of home as well as adding addition to control strong rain over my patio. Your professional work is so greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you again for installation on front of house.

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Seamless Solutions: Solving Your Gutter Problems Effortlessly

We're not just "gutter guys." We solve problems with your home's water management system with our full range of gutter services. We want to be the company you'll want to call repeatedly! We're willing to earn your trust and your business.

Seamless Gutter Installation

Texan home with green siding, black trim, and amazing guttersInstalling seamless gutters gives you a cutting-edge gutter system that works. Your low-maintenance, heavy-duty system will protect your home for 20 years or longer. They come in sturdy materials like aluminum, galvalume, and copper.

Before installation, we work with you to determine the best materials and gutter cut for your home based on your roof, siding, landscaping, and more. We then custom-cut gutters to each side of your house, minimizing leak points and ensuring a smooth, seamless finish.

We use rivets instead of screws to ensure your installation can withstand high winds, flying debris, and other hazards. Choose between 57 colors!

Accessories: Gutter Guards, Rain Chains, and Rain Barrels

Rain chains and barrels installed in Sugar Land, TXGutter guards (aka gutter covers, leaf guards, leaf screens) are a low maintenance option that keeps debris out of your gutters. They also help keep pests out, extend the life of your guttering, and prevent ice dams, mold and mildew.

We will also install rain chains, rain barrels, or a rainwater collection system to beautify your home and help you save on your water bill.

Gutter Repair and Light Carpentry

While we stand behind our gutter systems 100%, we'll also repair your existing gutters if things go wrong. Repairing damaged guttering helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home's exterior by preventing stains, discoloration, or decay caused by water runoff. Repair also protects soffits and fascia, prevents erosion and landscape damage, and foundation problems.

We'll be there whether it's a quick fix or a full overhaul. Our Light carpentry services, such as exterior trim repair, help you undo the damage done by a failing gutter system.

Gutter Cleaning

Our expert team keeps your gutters clean throughout the year, but winter weather safety is especially important. Gutter cleaning is a proactive and cost-effective measure to prevent a range of issues, safeguard your Sugar Land home, and maintain its long-term value. A clean gutter system helps prevent water damage, clogs, roof leaks, and pest infestations.

Gutter Tex Is Always Our Go-To Option

This is the second time we have used Gutter Tex on a new home. They still do amazing work. The color match is perfect. The install guys Jose and Lido were friendly and knocked out the entire job by noon. They will always be our go-to option and I will recommend them to everyone!
-Paul M.

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Gutter Tex BBB Business ReviewGutter Tex is a Veteran Owned Business

Serving All Sugar Land Neighborhoods

We serve all the major neighborhoods in your area including Venetian Estates, Colony Meadows, Sugar Lakes, the Waters of Avalon, the Villas of Sweetwater, Chimney Stone, and more.

If you have a two, three, or four-story house, you can rest easy knowing our team is fully equipped to handle it. Plus, we come to your home and cut your new gutters on-site, ensuring they fit perfectly.

Sugar Land, TX residents trust Gutter Tex for so many reasons. We offer financing options, a labor warranty and a 10% discount for seniors, first responders, and military members. We have over 20 years experience. You don't get that kind of longevity if you're not putting in the work and treating your customers right.

We build lifelong relationships with our customers and act like good Texan neighbors should. We want to be your one-stop call for all gutter services, so we treat you with the highest level of respect every time we visit your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

How often should I clean my gutters?
In most cases, gutter cleaning is recommended twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. However, if you have a lot of trees on your property, it's important to keep them trimmed away from the roofline. Trees are good, and Sugar Land has been awarded the Tree City USA designation since 2011. But branches, leaves, seeds, and needles cause clogs, pest problems, and a fire hazard that require cleaning your gutters more often. Also check them for debris after heavy storms and high winds. Consider having gutter guards or leaf screens installed.

What are the most common problems with gutters?
The most common problems include clogs, leaks, sagging, an improper slope, downspout issues, and lack of maintenance. Clogs usually arise due to a lack of cleaning, but they can also happen when poorly designed sectional gutters catch and hold on to debris. Poorly designed or narrow downspouts can also suffer from clogs. Leaks occur as sections rust or when clogs trap water at the seams.

Fortunately, our seamless gutter system greatly reduces all of these concerns. Addressing problems promptly through regular maintenance, repairs, and professional inspections can help prevent more extensive damage to your home.

Can gutters handle heavy rains?
Galvalume is an aluminum-zinc alloy-coated sheet of steel. It has a steel core for remarkable strength paired with a coating to protect it from rust. Galvalume gutters are less expensive than copper, and far stronger than aluminum alone (which gets damaged by hail and falling tree branches).

But correct installation of a seamless gutter system, including securely attaching them to the house and ensuring the right pitch, is crucial for their effectiveness during heavy rainfall. The size of the gutters should be appropriate for the roof area they are draining. Larger roofs require a larger system to accommodate a higher volume of water.

Adequate downspouts are crucial for facilitating the quick and efficient drainage of water. Gutters should have a proper slope towards the downspouts to ensure water flows smoothly. Regular maintenance, including inspections and repairs, is key to ensuring guttering is in optimal condition.

Are gutter guards worth it?

Installing gutter guards can help prevent debris from entering the gutters, reducing the likelihood of clogs. This, in turn, improves their ability to handle heavy rains. We install aluminum expanded wire, leaf guards, or LeafBlaster Pro® guards especially suited for Texas weather conditions. Our guards have a mesh so fine even pine needles will struggle to enter your system. Ask us about gutter guards today!

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