Soffit and Fascia Board Repair & Replacement for Texas Homes

Detail-New Gutters from below showing soffitt-Gutter Tex - TexasAmidst the dynamic Texan landscapes, where a fusion of architectural styles meets the warmth of southern hospitality, every detail of a home holds immense significance. One such often overlooked yet crucial architectural component is the soffit ceiling.

Gutter Tex stands out among other gutter companies in Texas by offering a range of additional services aimed at simplifying your life and addressing common trouble areas prone to water damage on your property, including the soffit, fascia, and exterior trim.

You can conveniently add any of the services mentioned below to your gutter service package, whether it's gutter repair, gutter guard installation, seamless gutter installation, or gutter cleaning. All our locations in Texas offer these important add-on services.

Soffit Repair

Soffit plays an important role in providing airflow to the home and preventing pests, mold, and mildew. With any gutter service, our Texas-based team will:

Remove old, rotted soffits

Attach and seal replacement soffits

Sand, finish, and repaint

Fascia Board Replacement

Fascia board seals the roof from the exterior of the house, holding up your gutter system and beautifying your Texas home. With any gutter service, we will:

Remove old, rotted fascia

Install and seal replacement fascia

Sand, finish, and repaint the roofline

Exterior Trim Replacement

Your exterior trim protects the internal structure of the home and seals it away from the sometimes extreme Texas weather. With any gutter service, our team will:

Remove damaged exterior trim

Properly install replacement trim

Sand, finish, and repaint

Exterior Paint Replacement

When we remove old gutters, we often have to replace and paint new fascia and outer trim.

We partner with Clements Paint, our local Benjamin Moore dealer, and use their Aura line of high-quality exterior paint.

We will match the paint to your current trim color and will ensure that the end result looks amazing.

Exterior Trim - White Soffit - Gutter Tex 300x200
Exterior Trim - Installation of Gutter to Fascia Trim Board - Gutter Tex of Georgetown, TX
Exterior Trim Installation and Repair - White Fascia Damage - Gutter Tex 300x200

A Complete Exterior Trim Inspection From Gutter Tex

When you contract Gutter Tex to install a new seamless gutter system, repair your existing gutters, or clean them, we check the following for any damage:

  • Soffits
  • Fascias
  • Window trim (frame, sill, sash)
  • Door trim
  • Architectural trim
Texas Custom Home - Black Gutters - Soffit and Fascia
Custom Home In Texas - Soffit and Fascia - Gutter Tex

Texas Soffit and Fascia FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about soffit, fascia, and exterior trim.

What is the soffit on the house?

The soffit is the exposed siding underneath your home's overhang. Although the soffit is invisible from the street, you can see it clearly whenever you stand directly beside your home.

The soffit is vital in providing airflow between the roof and the attic, which must be well-ventilated to prevent mold. A well-maintained soffit is especially important during the scorching summer months in Texas, as your home needs proper ventilation to regulate cool temperatures.

The soffit also helps keep pests that burrow into your gutters from traveling into your home. Bees, wasps, snakes, squirrels, and rats love to nest in the soffit, so it's vital to keep it well-maintained.

We can install, repair, or replace damaged soffit during gutter work.

What is fascia on a house?

The fascia board is mounted at the point where the roof meets the house's outer walls. It is sometimes known as the roofline.

Fascia seals the roof from the house's exterior and is the board where the gutter system attaches.

It also serves an aesthetic purpose, as it is visible from the street and adds to your home's overall curb appeal. It must be strong and durable because it holds up your gutter system.

If your fascia is damaged, Gutter Tex can repair, install, or replace it.

What is the purpose of exterior trim on a house?

The function of your exterior trim is to protect the internal structure of your home. By design, exterior trim seals your home from the elements and protects the frame from damage.

Exterior trim comes in many forms: wood, brick, aluminum, and vinyl siding, which are the most common in Texas. All these forms of exterior trim have one thing in common. When your gutters overflow, the resulting runoff can damage the trim.

Think of the trim as being like the skin of your house. When you cut your finger, bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection. When your trim is damaged, moisture can enter the home, causing rot, mold, and mildew. Rot, mold, and mildew can cause structural damage if left untreated.

You should check the wood trim every few months. Press your fingernail against the trim. If it leaves an indent, the trim is rotted and should be replaced.

How do the soffit, fascia, and external trim get damaged?

Rainwater runoff damages your siding, fascia, and soffit, causing wood rot and other problems with the exterior trim. A gutter system helps protect these architectural features of your home and prevents the need for expensive repairs.

There are about 281 native tree species in Texas, many of which are heavy shedders. While beautiful, these trees can quickly clog gutters, leading to water damage to your siding and, yes, you guessed it, your fascia and soffit.

This damage isn't always immediately apparent, either. Regular inspections from a trained professional will help you catch this damage so the problem doesn't worsen.

When Gutter Tex installs, repairs, or cleans gutters, we check your siding, fascia, and soffit for damage. We can then repair or, in some instances, install new fascia and soffits. Every one of our Texas locations performs this valuable add-on service.

In addition, before we install your new seamless gutter system, we inspect for any damage your old one might have caused.

What types of fascia might be on my Texas home?

There are two types of fascia: straight and slanted. Straight fascia may use any kind of gutters. Slanted fascia requires us to add gutter bumpers so water may get shunted away quickly rather than trapped against the fascia.

If you have slanted fascia on your home, our team will call it to your attention so that you know what gutters your home will require.

Other Add-on Services From Gutter Tex

Texans may knock out a few items on their honey-do lists by requesting these add-on services with any of our normal gutter repair, replacement, installation, or cleaning services.

Exterior Light Installation

Add Christmas lights, holiday lights, or year-round faerie lights to your home! We'll help you design and hang your display and will do so safely in a way that does not damage your gutters, soffit, fascia, or exterior trim.

Choose between purchasing brand-new lights from using Gutter Tex as your local Texas dealer or providing your own lights. Trimlights are an awesome choice because they're fully programmable. You can change the colors right from your smartphone, change your decorations with the seasons, or keep them dark when you don't wish to use them. They're barely noticeable when they aren't on, which means you don't have to take them down. A well-designed exterior lighting system can even add value to your home!

Lighting-White House with Holiday Lighting attached to gutters-Gutter Tex-600x400
Change Light Bulbs-exterior lightbulb replacement-Gutter Tex-600x400

Exterior Lightbulb Replacement

Don't want to get on a ladder to replace your porch lights, motion-sensor lights, or other exterior lightbulbs? Ask our team to do it for you and save yourself from this dreadful chore!

Just let us know you want this done when calling for a quote, and have your preferred bulbs ready to go when we arrive.

Avoid Structural Damage With Soffit and Fascia Repair

Your soffit and fascia work in synergy with your gutters to protect your homes. When one part of your gutter system fails, the other parts will soon follow. To stay on top of potential problems, contact Gutter Tex for fascia and soffit repairs and replacements.