Siding Repair Protects Your Home

Siding repair can be a valuable component of our gutter installation and gutter repair services. Exterior siding gives your home curb appeal. But it also protects structural integrity from moisture, water damage, insects, and weather.

All types of exterior siding experience wear and tear over time and need maintenance. But, if your home doesn't have a gutter system or your rain gutters are not working the way they should, siding repair is inevitable.

Siding Repair Solves Many Undesirable Problems

  • Delaying repairs can lead to far more expensive issues with your home's foundation.
  • Moisture can lead to toxic mold growth within interior walls.
  • Temperature control and energy-efficiency inside your home may be affected.
  • Most pests (ants, mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders) need only a tiny opening (1/4-inch or less) as an invitation to nest and reproduce inside your house.

Tiger Striping is a Sign You Need Gutter and Siding Repair

Have you noticed a black or brown-colored streaking on your gutters or siding? It’s called tiger striping. Rainwater overflows in your gutters and runs down the sides of your home. The water carries pollutants (both natural and chemical) that stain metal.

It's not a failure of the paint coating your gutters or exterior. Damage from tiger striping includes warping, rotting, and cracking.

Get a Free Estimate for Gutter Services

Maintaining your siding is a fraction of the cost of replacing it. And repair avoids the expense, health concerns, and discomfort of damage left unattended.

Seamless gutters in proper working order help protect your siding, door frames, window sills, landscaping, and foundation.

Schedule your free estimate for gutter installation or gutter repair. We will inspect your siding and, if needed, add repair as part of your quote.