Professional Gutter Installation and Repair in Round Rock, TX

Need new gutters in Round Rock? Gutter Tex is here to help. Our professional team has over 15 years’ experience installing seamless gutters in the area. Trust your home repairs to the experts.
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Additionally, Gutter Tex loves to give back to the local community. With every new installation, the company donates to a local charity or nonprofit organization. Not only will you get a professional repair, but you will also be contributing to your area.

Seamless Gutters

In the past, gutters arrived in sections. Technicians welded them together to create one long piece of gutter to attach to your roof. The welded spots can leak, catch debris floating in the water, and cause a multitude of problems.
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If your home still has gutters in sections, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Seamless gutters offer several benefits:

  • One long continuous piece for fewer leaks
  • A longer lifespan without the worry of rust
  • Many color options to match your home’s aesthetics
  • Less maintenance

Gutter Installation

Trust the installation of your new gutters to professionals. Every year, thousands of accidents occur because of DIY gutter repairs. There’s no need to risk the injury. Our team will bring the proper tools and the knowledge to repair your gutters without so much as a headache to you.

What’s more, professionals get their supplies from wholesale merchants. Purchasing the same supplies yourself would be much more expensive, and still cost you time.

Save money by having Gutter Tex install your new gutters for you. Gutters may seem like a small project, but they are actually a very important part of the structure of your home.

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Trim Repair and Replacement

During the installation process, our team will also check for any damage to the surrounding surfaces of your home. Sometimes water has a way to seep into places like the trim around your home’s exterior.

Our team can inspect and repair the trim on your house while replacing your gutters, essentially saving you time and money.

Mold and fungus growing in wet wood can cause structural damage to your home and cost thousands in repairs. Prevention and early intervention are the best ways to avoid another appointment with the handyman.

Why Your Home Needs Gutters

Most homes require gutters. Without them, rainwater can cause costly damage to the foundation of your home and to the ground around it.


Rainwater falls at a high velocity from the roof, spattering mud on your siding. This gives your home a dirty look, and the moisture can damage the materials.

Soil Expansion and Contraction

More importantly, rainwater can cause the soil around the home to expand and contract unevenly around the foundation, causing integral damage. Foundation repairs are always expensive, so installing gutters as a preventive measure can save costly repairs down the road.

For a free estimate, schedule your appointment in Round Rock today. We will evaluate your home’s current situation and provide you with the knowledge you need before replacing your gutter system so that you save money and time.

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