Rain Gutters Protect and Beautify Your Home

Rain gutters collect water from a slanted roof. They funnel and direct moisture away from your home. Your gutter system serves two primary purposes – extending the life and enhancing the value of your home.

Proper dispersal of rainwater defends your roof, siding, door frames, and window sills from rot and damage. It protects your lawn from compression, flooding, and erosion. Free-flowing water can penetrate your house and damage your foundation.

In addition to their practical function, a properly installed, correctly colored rain gutter is an accessory that enhances the look and value of your home.

Rain Gutters in Austin, TX - Installed by Gutter Tex

Different Styles and Materials

Stores sell sectional gutters, in pieces, that you must cut and install yourself. They carry a high risk of leaks and clogs. Installing them involves long, hazardous stints on a ladder.

Gutter Tex offers professional installation of seamless gutters custom-sized to your roof. They rarely leak and are less prone to clogs.


Roof gutters come in two primary styles, available in different sizes. Most homes use 5- or 6-inch gutters. Larger models are available for commercial and industrial installation.

  • K-Style Gutters have flat bottoms and sides. They collect more water than half-round.
  • Half-Round Gutters are a semi-circle and have a distinct look.


Gutters are available in many materials. Gutter Tex offers three of the sturdiest metals for your home.

  • Aluminum is durable and long lasting. It is the most common choice due to price and low weight.
  • Galvanized is a reliable option. When properly cared for it has a long life. It is more resistant to dings, rips, and damage from ladders, debris, and falling objects.
  • Copper has the most extended life of any metal. It is damage resistant. Unlike other options, it comes in only its natural color.

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Components and Accessories

Even a seamless rain gutter system has multiple pieces. These components fit into three categories.


  • Eaves: Part of your roof extending past the walls which send water into your gutter.
  • Fascia: Trim running horizontally under the eaves. They are used to attach the gutter trough.
  • Soffit: Space between the fascia and the eaves.


  • End Cap: Flat metal that seals the end of a gutter section.
  • Downspout: Vertical piece that carries water from the gutter to the ground.
  • Elbow/Joint: Pieces of the downspout that direct it back towards the wall, around bends and corners, and away from your foundation.
  • Flashing: Material installed on top of the gutter’s edge to guide high flow areas into the gutter rather than overshooting it.
  • Gutter/Trough/Run: Horizontal section that catches rainwater, directing it along the pitch to the downspout.
  • Hanger: A metal piece that attaches to the gutter lip and the fascia to secure and hang the gutter.
  • Rivet: Used to secure the gutter to the home. Gutter Tex replaces nails and screws with rivets to increase hold, prevent water penetration, and reduce debris clogging.
  • Splash Block/Boot/Shoe: A piece of concrete placed under the downspout to direct flow, preventing flooding and protecting lawns and gardens. Gutter Tex only uses 11×18 concrete, which is larger than standard, to ensure durability and look. This also increases distance of water from your foundation.

Optional Accessories

Rain Gutters - Gutter Tex - Copper rain chain to replace downspoutRain Chain:
Replaces downspouts, adding an artistic style and beauty to the home.
Rain Saver Rain Barrel for Rain Gutters - Terracotta - Gutter Tex - Austin, TXRain Barrel:
Placed under the downspout or rain chain and used for water collection.


Professional Rain Gutter Installation

Today, around 70% of homes have seamless gutters. Professional installation and care extend their life and beauty. Contact Gutter Tex with questions or to schedule a free consultation estimate.

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