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Rain Chains Add Elegance to Your Seamless Gutter System

Rain chains can replace or supplement your downspouts for a unique look ranging from a touch of class to a work of art.

As an alternative to a downspout, rain chains move water gracefully from your gutter system to a rain barrel, other rainwater storage container, or into the yard. Traditionally they are positioned to channel water into a rock bed which then disperses the rainwater.

Why Would I Want a Rain Chain?

Most rain chains are made of hammered metal that is molded into bowl shapes with small holes in the bottom. They may be crafted to look like cups, bells, or flowers.

Some are classic chains, with no embellishment.

  • A Rain Chain reduces clogging. It is attached within the outlet a downspout would otherwise occupy. Leaves, needles, and other debris fall through the outlet and to the ground.
  • They pair well with rain barrels or other rainwater collection containers.
  • They are beautiful decor on the outside of your home and look even more pretty with water rushing through them.
  • Rain chains sound lovely when it rains, delivering a musical resonance a bit like wind chimes.
Rain Chains - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Copper rain chain bowl in shape of a flower
Rain Chains - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Rain chain hanging from gutter in winter
Rain Chains - Flower Shaped - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Close up of fancy rain chain - 225x300

They can be attached to the ground, positioned over a boot, or hooked into an underground drainage system. All these options protect your lawn and the base of your home.

Because Austin experiences heavy downpours, it is advisable to install both rain chains and downspouts to help manage rainwater during storms.

Gutter Tex is happy to consult with you on how to best include them into your seamless gutter system.