Exclusive Carriers of AqueDUCT® and BearCLAW

Senox Rain Gutter Products

Gutter Tex has all the gutter products you need for a full rainwater management system. We've done the research and built strong partnerships to supply you with the highest quality solutions at affordable prices.

Gutter Tex supports local manufacturing and products made in the U.S.A.

One of our carefully selected manufacturers is Senox Corporation, headquartered right here in Austin, TX.

Elements of Senox rain gutter products such as downspouts, elbows, and accessories are rolled and stamped in their Austin facility.

AqueDUCT® Screen Hanger System

Senox AqueDUCT Screen Hanger - Gutter Products - Austin, TXThe AqueDUCT® Rain Gutter Protection System is composed of a louvered cover with an integrated stainless steel mesh screen. This provides a clog-free gutter system without the need for additional hangers.

AqueDUCT® also features the Pocket Lock Lip® that allows simple and secure installation and resists water and dirt build up that causes tiger striping.

BearCLAW Hangers

BearCLAW was first designed to address the issues of hanging the seamless half-round gutter. Traditional half-round systems with internal hangers will often roll forward over time. This is due to the lack of proper support at the back of the gutter.

In developing the patented Pocket Lock Lip and BearCLAW hanger, a stronger hanger connection was made that could be applied to various gutter profiles. We consider it the strongest internal half-round hanging system on the market today.

Gutter System Accessories

Learn about accessories to gutter installation such as downspouts, rain barrels, rain chains, and leaf guards.

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Gutter Product Colors


Gutter Product Colors - Seamless Rain Gutter Products - Austin, TX - Gutter TexSeamless rain gutters should and can complement the design of your home.

Your gutter system can blend in with your existing exterior color scheme or stand out to accentuate your home's architecture.

We carry gutter products from a few quality manufacturers in 46 different colors specially formulated for seamless rain gutters.


We also offer two lines of painted aluminum products that provide the look of copper without the high price tag.

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