Professional Gutter Installation and Repair in Olmos Park

If your Olmos Park, TX home lacks gutters, you are risking significant damage to your home and yard. Whether the builder skipped installation during construction, or the system was removed, installing seamless rain gutters helps prevent mold and mildew, as well as damage to window sills, door frames, and landscaping.

Repair and regular cleaning help avoid leaks, blockage, separation, and other gutter failures. While installation and maintenance seem like a significant investment, they average out to very little over the twenty-plus year average life of your seamless gutters. Especially when you factor in how they help prevent damage to your home, lawn, and health.

Gutter Tex is your Olmos Park expert for professional seamless gutters. We expertly install, repair, and clean your system. We also warranty our work and offer free onsite quotes. Call us for complete peace of mind.

Gutter Services in Olmos Park

We offer the following services in Olmos Park:

We’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote on everything from complete installations, repairs, and regular cleaning.


Gutter Repair in Olmos Park

Over time, every system breaks down. Considering how much work your gutters perform, this is not surprising.

You won’t always need a new system, but at some point, you will need repairs. Minor damage can be hard to spot, which is where our expertise can help.

Our workmanship warranty ensures Olmos Park homeowners have complete peace of mind, one of the reasons we have so many happy clients.

Designed to guard against runoff, our repairs not only restore your system but also protect your walls from damage (including foundation damage). Professional gutter repair also helps prevent soil compaction, another potential source of yard and foundation damage.

Gutter Installation for Olmos Park Residents

Rainwater naturally flows into rivers and other bodies of water. It’s preferable to have rainwater collecting in the famous Blue Hole, considered the headwaters of the San Antonio River, instead of damaging your walls and foundations.

We install seamless K-Style and Half-Round gutter systems that mean less maintenance for you. Unlike sectional options, these systems have fewer snag points, so water can freely flow through.

Debris can and does clog up gutters, particularly the older sectional style, which can separate and cause home damage. Whether you’re building or buying a home in Olmos Park, ensure your house has the protection seamless gutters provide.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning should be a part of your regular home maintenance, especially in the Fall, when leaves, needles, and other organic matter can blow into your system and build up.

This debris eventually acts as a dam, preventing rainwater from flowing freely. This results in runoff, which will damage your home’s foundation and walls.

Climbing a ladder and performing the work yourself can be tempting. Doing so risks injury to yourself and your guttering from possible falls and misplaced ladders.

Let one of our trained professionals handle it for you, and we will bring the best tools for the job, and let you relax. We can even schedule regular cleaning for you.

As an added benefit, you get an experienced eye looking at your system regularly. We watch for damage and potential issues. If we find any, we notify you so you can have small problems fixed before they become critical and expensive. You can use the time you save to take your dog to the Olmos Bark Park.

Gutter Tex were extremely professional from the initial call, to proposal, and finally delivery of an excellent service. The workman called ahead of time and arrive on time. He cleaned out my gutters, as was requested, but he went the extra mile and swept the debris away from my skylights and then picked up all the debris that had fallen to the ground. My yard was cleaner after they left! I can't recommend this company enough and they have earned my future business!
- 5 Star Google Review, Morris M.

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Must Haves, Gutter Guards

We’ve talked about cleaning and why it’s important. Nothing completely replaces this necessary maintenance, but you can reduce the debris that finds its way into your gutters, and extend the time between cleanings by having gutter guards installed.

Gutter Tex recommends and installs several different types of gutter guards. No one guard is best for every situation, but they all act as a barrier to prevent organic matter and debris from clogging up your system. We have the perfect make and model for every Olmos Park home and style.

Gutter Options for Olmos Park

When you choose Gutter Tex, you get options.

  • 5” or 6” K-Style or Half-Round
  • Aluminum, Copper, or Galvanized
  • Many Colors to Choose From

We can help you pick what’s right for your home.

Serving All of Olmos Park

Olmos Park was developed in the 1920s as an exclusive suburb of San Antonio. Since then, it has continued to flourish and thrive.

We proudly serve all of the distinguished nieghborhoods of Olmos Park and the surrounding areas in the 78212 zip code.

Whichever gutter service you need in Olmos Park, contact us for an estimate.