Gutter Service for New Braunfels

New Braunfels, TX, and its buildings have a rich history worth protecting. This includes the integrity of your yard and the value of your home.

Without gutters, you run the risk of compacted and eroded soil, unsightly backsplash or foundation damage, and multiple dangers to your siding. Mildew, mold, and wood rot not only decrease your home’s value and integrity, they also bring health risks with them.

It's more than having a gutter, though. For optimal protection, you need a professionally installed, well maintained, regularly cleaned system. Skipping cleaning, damaged troughs or brackets, or systems past their prime bring their own risks. Some are superficial, like tiger striping. Some are a nuisance. These include pests nesting in your gutters. Others are hazardous, such as those already listed.

Gutter Tex is your New Braunfels expert. Whether you need gutter cleaning, repair, or installation, our team arrives with the expertise to complete your project. We warranty our work and offer a free onsite consultation and quote.

Gutter Services In New Braunfels

We offer the following services in New Braunfels



Gutter Cleaning, an Essential Service

Regular home maintenance should include gutter cleaning. It is particularly critical in Fall, due to leaves and debris blowing into and building up in your system. This organic matter can clog your troughs, preventing rainwater from flowing freely. Which results in runoff that can damage your foundation and walls.

While climbing up a ladder and doing the job yourself is tempting, we advise against it. Not only do you risk personal injury from a fall, but you may also misplace a ladder and inadvertently damage your system. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with experience in this type of work. We also use the best equipment for the job.

You can also schedule regular, recurring cleaning with us. One of the benefits of Gutter Tex cleaning is that our team looks for damage and potential issues and notifies you if they find any. So you get in front of small repairs before they become bigger and potentially more expensive problems.

Gutter Guards

Nothing is going to replace regular cleaning, but you can increase the time between them by installing gutter guards.

These create a barrier, preventing leaves and large organic matter from getting into your system. This can double, or more, your time between cleanings, and helps prevent your system from becoming a fire hazard or a potential home for pests.

Gutter Tex recommends and installs several different types of guards. We have the perfect make and model for every New Braunfels home and style.

Gutter Options for New Braunfels

By choosing Gutter Tex, you get options.

Repairing Gutters in Braunfels

Sometimes you don’t need a new gutter system, yet, but at some point, you will need repairs.

Over time, every system breaks down, and with the pressure on your gutters, that’s hardly surprising. Homeowners often won’t spot minor damage, which is where our experience comes in handy.

Customer satisfaction is critical to us, and our workmanship warranty ensures New Braunfels homeowners receive complete peace of mind.

By design, our repairs protect your walls from runoff damage as well as preventing damage to your foundation. Repairing your gutters also helps avoid soil compaction, another potential source of damage.

Gutter Installation for New Braunfels Residents

Water is a big feature in New Braunfels. Tourists and residents alike enjoy the cooling waters of the Comal River or feeding the ducks at Landa Park. Rainwater naturally runs off into rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

We want to keep it there, where it doesn’t damage your walls and foundations. Which is why we install seamless K-Style and Half-Round gutter systems. A seamless system requires less maintenance. They have fewer snag points than sectional options, meaning that water freely travels through them.

While debris can and does clog up gutters, seamless gutters lessen how often this happens. Sectional gutters can separate, allowing damage to your home. Seamless gutters don’t have seams to separate.

Very professional, right from the beginning! The estimate process was very thorough and well documented so I could use it to clear our HOA formal processing of the project. They communicated throughout the process, established a projected date for the install, then followed through to confirm. For a small company, they were thorough, worked to be very informative regarding the estimate and installation process. Their pricing was competitive and the work quality excellent through completion of the project. I've already started telling my neighbors! I would recommend this great group of folks to anyone needing gutter install, maintenance, or repair! Thanks, Keith, for a job well done!
- 5 Star Google Review, Daniel B.

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Happily Serving All of New Braunfels

There’s always lots to see and do in the city of New Braunfels.

With a rich history steeped in its Germanic heritage, the townsfolk always know how to enjoy themselves. Whether they are enjoying the sights, sounds, food, and drink of the annual Wurstfest, held every November, or cooling off by tubing down the Comal River.

But there’s lots more to the town than just those visitors and residents alike enjoying spending time at the Gruene historic district or cooling off during the warmer months at the Schlitterbahn Water Park.

We gladly offer gutter system services in all neighborhoods of New Braunfels, including Allens Bend, Becker, Champions Village, Enclave at Westpointe Village, Greystone, Heritage Oaks, JDJ Ranch, Kreusierville, Long Creek, Mission Oaks, North Ranch Estates, Oak Run, River Bend, Vista Del Rio, and Whispering Valley.

Whether you’re building a new home in New Braunfels or you’re buying an existing property, make sure you have the security that seamless gutters provide. We’re here to help with everything regarding your gutter service and happy to provide you with an obligation free quote on complete installations, repairs, and regular gutter cleaning.