Gutter Cleaning for Your Katy, Texas Home

Honey do? Honey, don't! We offer affordable gutter cleaning in Katy with top-notch customer service. Don't get up on that ladder and spend your Saturday digging wet, disgusting leaves out of your gutters.

Call Gutter Tex instead! Our valuable add-on services, like outdoor lighting installation and light carpentry, will make you so glad you went to the professionals.


On-Time, Courteous and Friendly

Marcelo and Brian did an excellent job installing our seamless gutter system. They arrived within the time frame we were given and finished earlier than expected. The finished product looks wonderful and we are excited to see it in action.
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Are your gutters spilling over the edge instead of out the downspout?

Are they clogged by leaves, sticks, and pine needles?

Do you suspect critters are using your gutters as their new den?

Why You Shouldn't Do DIY Gutter Cleaning?

Some Katy homeowners consider DIY gutter cleaning because it seems to be such a simple task and they want to save money. Yet, there are practical, affordable reasons to hire Gutter Tex.

  • Many Katy homes have at least two stories, especially in communities like Cinco Ranch, Cross Creek Ranch, Seven Meadows, and Elyson. That doubles the danger that you're going to fall off the ladder.
  • Quite a few homes in the area have three or four stories, making it even more imperative for you to hire professionals who will perform the job thoroughly, are covered by insurance, and will treat your home with care.
  • We have special tools and supplies to make gutter cleaning safer and faster.
  • We have quality ladders, and we're very familiar with them. We're on ladders every day. If you're not, you risk getting hurt.
  • Falls are the biggest cause of injuries and deaths for any job. Do you really want to assign yourself that kind of job once or twice a year?
  • Letting professionals like us clean your gutters also means getting them checked over. We can let you know if your gutters, fascia or soffit need repairs, and you can schedule service with us on the spot.
  • We're covered by liability and workers' compensation insurance, which means we can absorb an accident on a ladder or other injuries.

We can even put you on a money-saving, ongoing maintenance plan that includes inspections, gutter cleaning, and minor gutter repairs.

Gutters: High-Priority Home Maintenance

Some Katy homeowners put gutter cleaning at the bottom of their priority lists. Gutter clogs are out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Yet gutter clogs can cause the most expensive property damage problems you'll ever have to deal with.

When you hire us to clean your gutters, you:

  • Prevent critters such as squirrels, mice, birds, and snakes from nesting in your gutters.
  • Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the standing water that pools between clogs.
  • Ensure your gutter system remains on your home because you address the weight that might pull it down.
  • Prevent wood rot and leaks that would otherwise attack your shingles and flashing.
  • Prevent tiger striping on your siding.
  • Prevent thousands of dollars in foundation damage.
  • Protect your landscape from erosion.
  • Protect your home's interior from water damage, mold, and mildew.
  • Extend the life of your gutters so you don't have to keep paying to install new ones.
  • Remove a major fire hazard. It takes just one spark in a scorching summer to ignite all the debris that gathers in the average Texas gutter system.
  • Verify that water is flowing correctly to avoid terrain damage, and ensure that your rain barrels collect water properly.

We make gutter cleaning an affordable, hassle-free, no-brainer!

Gutter Tex BBB Business ReviewGutter Tex is a Veteran Owned Business

Gutter Tune-Ups in Katy, TX

Our gutter tune-up service includes:

  • Removing all leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts
  • Sealing corners to minimize leaking
  • Adding new hangers to the gutters, if needed

It’s more than just a cleaning; it's our advanced level of gutter cleaning at a competitive price versus what basic gutter cleaners charge.

Gutter Cleaning in Katy, TX

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Have your gutters waited for months to receive any kind of TLC? Stop putting off this necessary and important home maintenance task.

Show your Katy home some love with gutter cleaning. Call Gutter Tex today!

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