Regular Gutters vs. Seamless

Seamless Gutters Combine Tradition and Technology

Sectional gutters are often thought of as regular gutters. Historically this is inaccurate.

Seamless gutters are a centuries-old idea. Ancient Rome originated two brilliant gutter systems:

  • Stone Gutters that ended in gargoyles which forced water away from the building.
  • Wooden Gutters made from two pieces of lumber that formed into a ā€˜Vā€™ to funnel water away at the ends.

Stone Gutter with Gargoyle - Gutter Tex Austin TX - Seamless Gutters vs SectionalsGargoyles were explicitly designed by architects as a means of water diversion as early as the 1200s.

The gargoyle's mouth functioned as a waterspout to protect the masonry from damage.

At the time, animal-shaped waterspouts were very common.

In addition to rain spouts, the Catholic church used gargoyles to ward off evil and frighten people into submitting to the church.

Regular Gutters vs. Seamless

Technology brought these systems into modern times.

Specialized machines developed in the mid-1900s roll a seamless gutter from a solid piece of steel, copper, or aluminum. Durability and reliability are unmatched.

There are many more benefits that make seamless the clear choice over sectional or regular gutter systems.

Common Sectional Gutter Problems a Seamless Design Solves

Seamless Gutters Installation - Regular Gutters vs Seamless - Gutter Tex - West Lake Hills, TX


Debris catches and blocks the flow of water at the beginning and end of sections. Ultimately, the water overflows to cause damage to the exterior, ground, and foundation.

Regular gutters have seams every ten to twenty feet.

Seamless gutters have only two seams, at the ends where the caps are attached, to avoid contact with water and debris.

The seamless gutter system dramatically reduces the risk of clogs, but the only way to avert clogs entirely is with regular cleaning and gutter guards.

Leaks and Spillage

As water passes over the seams where sections are nailed or screwed together, the joints wear out, pull apart, and break down. As a result, this disrepair causes leaks and spillage.

Gutter Tex installs seamless gutters with rivets (rather than nails or screws) for reinforcement. Leaks are not a concern since our systems are one continuous piece of metal.

Bugs and Stagnant Water

A backed-up gutter retains water that would usually pass through. Therefore, organic materials rot in these pools of standing water, attracting mosquitos and other pests. Seamless gutter systems curtail backups, so this isn't a concern.


All gutters are coated to prevent water from breaking down the metal. However, as rainwater passes over the joints of regular gutters, it strips away this protective material and begins deteriorating the metal. Seamless gutters are less likely to rust and decay.


Baked-in colors resist fading, and color selection is vast. Sectional gutters will scratch, chip, and flake easily, and require regular painting.


Regular gutters are expected to last for 10 to 20 years with proper routine maintenance. Depending on your material choice, seamless gutters will last from 25 to 50 years.

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