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Pests in Gutters

How Do I Get Rid of Pests in My Gutters?

There are critters that just love the "gutter life." Of course, many homeowners are unaware of bugs, rodents, and other pests in their gutters. That is ... until it becomes a problem. By then, you may have a pest infestation.

Common gutter dwellers include:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Birds

Before you go flinging chemicals and pesticides at your roof, there is a better solution. The secret is to keep your gutters clean!

If you don't want to perform this essential task, simply call Gutter Tex. We offer a full suite of services as well as seamless gutter and leaf guard installations to keep them free of leaves, nesting materials, and food that pests love.

Why are Pests in Gutters?


Ants are among the most common gutter pests. They build their nests outdoors and forage for the good stuff indoors.

Gutters make the ideal habitat for ants. The leaves, twigs, and organic debris are the perfect environment for laying eggs, and they are within walking distance from an all-night diner (your kitchen).

Damaging Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are another matter entirely. This species is attracted to the decomposing debris found in most gutters. But, they don't stop there. Carpenter ants will then chew through your fascia, eaves, and any other wood feature near your roof.

They keep this destructive cycle going by raising up generation after generation of home-eaters.

Mosquitoes in Gutters

Mosquitoes seek out damp areas with decaying organic matter as these make the perfect nesting sites to lay eggs. And, as you might guess, gutters clogged with old leaves and debris create an ideal breeding ground.

Mosquitoes aren't just an annoyance. They also spread West Nile virus, Chikungunya, yellow fever, and other diseases. Austin and San Antonio have a year-round population of mosquitoes.

To counteract their peak breeding seasons, we recommend gutter cleaning around March and then again in September.

Why are Wasps Hovering by my Gutters?

Pests in Gutters - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Hornet Nest
If you notice a certain species of bee, wasp, or hornet activity near your gutters, they may be using the organic matter in the trough as nest-building material. Wood-boring varieties of these pests are our primary concern. Most notable of these pests are carpenter bees.

There's also the risk of woodpeckers discovering the tasty trove of carpenter bee eggs and larvae in the nooks and crannies of the wood.

Prevention is key. Carpenter bees usually only seek out rain-softened portions of wood. And a roof with leaky, overflowing gutters often provides the right environment.

Why are Birds Nesting on my Roof?

Birds often choose rooftop features for building nests. These high spots are largely inaccessible to cats, dogs, raccoons, and other predators.

While all varieties come with their own destructive habits, birds are potential disease vectors. Gutter guards are especially effective at deterring birds from building nests in and around your gutters.

Roaches Seek Water Sources

If you don't have guttering, or your gutters are not properly redirecting rainwater, even the smallest puddles will attract cockroaches.

Once they've been lured to a water source, your roof gutter can act as an entry point into your home.

The best pest control is prevention. Ensure your gutters are clean and doing what they are intended for to protect your home.

How Do I Keep Termites Away from My Fascia?

You've heard all the common tips for keeping termites away from your property:

  • Store wood items a safe distance from the home
  • Clear away brush and debris regularly
  • Remove areas of standing water

But what about your gutters?

When gutters leak or overflow, the fascia, and other rooftop features, soften over time. Soft, damp wood is an open invitation to termites.

Unfortunately, termites are the dine-and-dash type of pest, so they won’t be of much help when it comes time to cover the remediation bills.

But, you can go a long way in preventing termite infestations by cleaning out your gutters and installing a leaf guard.

Not Just a Leaf Guard, a Pest Guard, Too!

Leaf Guard for Gutters - Austin TX - Gutter Tex

Leaf guards or gutter guards reduce the number of leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other bits of organic debris in the trough of your gutters.

With a leaf guard installed, most organic debris is swept away on the next windy day. Any that find their way into the trough are usually too small to pose much of a concern and are usually flushed away with rain.

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Do Yourself a Favor...Call Gutter Tex

Beyond damage to your home, many of these pests carry infectious diseases and should be kept as far from your home as possible.

If you have an ongoing pest issue, we recommend YardDoc for pest control services in Austin.

Save your weekend for all the things you really want to do. Contact Gutter Tex and leave the removal of pests in gutters to us.