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Half-Round Gutters Guide

Half-round gutters are perfect for homes built before the 1950s due to their rounded rooflines. This gutter style offers great visual appeal in keeping with the age or period of a home.

Traditional half-round gutters, paired with round downspouts, are also a popular design trend for modern homes. Particularly where metal features, like window frames or railings, are prominent characteristics of the house.

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Half Round Gutters

What are Half-Round Gutters?

As the name implies, this style gutter is a half-round or half-circle shape.

It is curved from edge to edge, different from the angular look of the K-Style gutter found on most Texas homes.

Unlike the K-Style, with a flat bottom, the curved edges of half-round require more brackets, which can increase the cost and make for a more complex gutter installation.

What's the Benefit of Half-Round Gutters?

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Fewer Clogs: The curved shape means debris such as leaves, dirt, and pine needles are less likely to clog the gutter. Water flow isn't impeded by angles or corners.

Ease in Cleaning: Every gutter system requires cleaning, some less often than others. Half-rounds make cleaning a breeze due to its simple tube-shape lines.

Classic Style: Half-round gutters are especially suited to historic homes by complementing a period house's age and character. By extension, this adds value to the home, as well as significantly increasing the curb appeal.

Modern Home Styles with Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round Gutters in Your Choice of Materials and Colors

Yes! Although aluminum is the most commonly installed gutter material due to its low initial cost, it's not the only option available.

Copper is an extremely popular choice. A seamless copper gutter system in the half-round style immediately stands out as classy and nostalgic. If you are planning to build a house in a historical style, copper is an excellent choice.

Galvanized offers a modern and functional look for homeowners interested in durability that blends into the existing color scheme. They are practical yet robust.

Gutter Colors

You have over 50 gutter color options to choose from to make guttering fade into the background, compliment your current style, or contrast as a beautiful accent.

We also offer two lines of painted aluminum products with the look of copper without the price tag.

Copper Metallic provides the look of copper with a slight patina. It is like a penny that is still fairly new. The paint is infused with specks of copper and finished with a high gloss coat.

Rustic Copper is another copper alternative that has the appearance of older copper. It is has a two-tone textured finish that mimics the look of patina.

Texas Gutter System Services

A gutter system plays a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your home.

Browse our Rain Gutter Blog to learn about topics such as gutter replacement, Pests in Gutters, and Gutter Screens and Fire Prevention, Gutter Guards.

We offer installation, repair, and cleaning of seamless gutter systems.

Contact Gutter Tex for superior customer service and expertise in servicing your K-Style and Half-Round gutters.