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What are the Best Gutters for Heavy Rain in Texas?

The best gutters for heavy rain in Texas are 6-inch K-style seamless rain gutters. 6" gutters can hold roughly a half gallon more water than 5" gutters. They are also less likely to leak or clog, creating an effective channel to send the rushing water through smoothly. This larger gutter system is especially helpful if, like many Texas homeowners, you have a sizeable or steeped roof.

Why are My Gutters Overflowing in Heavy Rainfall?

Overflowing gutters usually indicates that they need to be cleaned, repaired, or the system is too small to handle the rainwater. Gutter cleaning is recommended in both the spring and the fall, no matter where you live in Texas, and whether your hire it out or do it yourself.

If you're cleaning them regularly, and they still tend to clog, have a Gutter Tex team technician troubleshoot with gutter repair services. The culprit could be anything from loose connections or sagging to soffit and fascia issues or roofline damage.

Sectional systems are known for overflowing gutters along with other ongoing problems. Gutter replacement may be your next step. Install seamless gutters along with high quality gutter guards. You'll appreciate nice looking, low-maintenance, nearly clog-free, and extremely effective guttering during rainfalls.

What Makes Seamless Gutters the Best?

Seamless gutters are hands down the most effective rain gutter style because of their lightweight durability and custom fit. In addition, seamless gutters are:

  • Designed specifically to avoid clogging with fewer join points where debris might snag or leaks form.
  • Deeper and wider to manage large amounts of water during heavy rainfalls.
  • Sturdy enough to resist damage against falling debris and high winds.

The least effective gutters are sectional vinyl gutters that last a handful of years, crumple the first time hail strikes, clog fast, and leak often.

The history of gutters goes back to the days of gargoyle statues used as primitive sewage systems. Nowadays, Gutter Tex installs locally-sourced, reputable manufacturer products in three different metal styles - aluminum, copper, and galvalume.

Why are K-Style the Best Gutters for Texas Rainstorms?

K-style gutters can hold and transport more water. The K-style shape is engineered to be more resistant to damage, and the flat back of the gutter attaches directly to the house.

Half-round gutters, on the other hand, are shaped like a tube and typically come in 5-inch or 6-inch widths. This style requires more complex and expensive installation. You may prefer half-round because your home has a rounded roofline. In that case, opt for an 8-inch width to better manage the rain.

K-Style Gutters for Heavy Rain - New Braunfels, TX - Brick House - Gutter Tex

K-Style Seamless Gutters

Strong Gutters for Texas Storms - Galvalume Gutters on home in Katy Texas - Gutter Tex

Galvalume Gutters

What are the Strongest Gutters to Defend Against Major Texas Storms?

Steel gutters are the strongest material you could possibly put on a house, but they are prone to rust and tend to be cost-prohibitive.

Galvalume is the next best choice, made of an aluminum-zinc alloy coated in a sheet of steel. Galvalume has a steel core for remarkable strength. It's a cost-effective gutter capable of withstanding big Texas storms.

What Gutter Guards are Best for Heavy Rain?

Choose a fine-mesh gutter guard that will let plenty of rain in and keep even the smallest debris out. The specific make and model that's best for your system depends on several factors, including:

✓ tree coverage
✓ roof pitch
✓ shingle type
✓ gutter style

We'll recommend the right gutter covers for the job during your free estimate consultation.

Close Up of Fine Mesh Gutter Guards - Best for Heavy Rain- Installed by Gutter Tex

Mesh Gutter Guards

Waterfall Effect - Gutters Overflowing During Texas Rain Storm - Gutter Tex

Are Oversized Gutters Worth the Investment?

Yes, because regular sized gutters get overwhelmed and overflow. Choose oversized gutters if you live in areas that can get heavier rainfall (ex. an inch or more in a short timeframe).

We call it the waterfall effect when excess water spills over the sides of the gutters and undermines the protection to your house, foundation, and landscape. Don't invest in gutters that won't even offer you the protection you need.

Which Areas of Texas Need Gutters for Heavy Rain?

The average precipitation state-wide is 28.9 inches per year.

Texas Cities with Milder Weather

Residents in the Katy area should consider 6" K-style seamless gutters made from aluminum since they have a moderate climate. Homeowners in and around Katy receive a lot of rain, but not as much severe weather.

Sugar Land and The Woodlands experience a heavier amount of rain and get severe weather warnings more often. Residents living here should think about getting 6" K-style seamless gutters made from galvalume.

San Antonio doesn’t see as much rain, but still gets more than the national average. Weigh out how much severe weather you've experienced over the years and choose between 6" K-style gutters made out of acceptable aluminum or stronger galvalume.

Texas Cities That See More Severe Weather

People living in the areas of Austin and Dallas experience rain and severe weather more often. Depending on your location, we recommend 6" K-style made from galvalume or copper.

Residents in Fort Worth see some of the worst weather conditions in Texas. 6" K-style seamless gutters made from galvalume or copper are highly recommended.

Rainfall charts courtesy of Weather Spark.

Protect Your Texas Home from Overflowing Gutters in Heavy Rain

We work closely with Texas homeowners to help them choose the proper gutters and gutter guards for their home style, roof style, location, and local weather conditions.

If you're ready to get the best gutters for heavy rains in Texas, call us to book an estimate today.