Warning Signs of Gutter Failure

Gutter Failure Needs Immediate Gutter Replacement or Repair

Be proactive and watch for signs of gutter failure.

A properly maintained seamless rain gutter system should last 25 to 30 years, especially if you have guards installed and perform regular cleaning.

But sectional gutters, inferior equipment, improper installation, and disrepair drastically decrease the lifespan of your system.

Any of these signs indicate it may be time to repair or replace gutters.

Indicators of Gutter Failure Requiring Installation

Gutter Replacement - Gutter Tex - Cibolo, TX - Close up of dirty worn gutter
Gutter failure ranges from subtle to spectacular. If you see any of the following you likely need a new gutter installed, and possibly repairs to your home. Acting before the problem gets worse is critical.

  • Detached or Fallen Gutter
    Weight and time pull a gutter away from the roof, or in extreme cases, cause it to fall off altogether. Sometimes they can be reattached but often require gutter replacement.
  • Rotten Wood
    If window sills, doors, door frames, trim, siding, or other wood show damage - where the gutter should protect the home - have the system inspected.
  • Warped, Bent, or Mispitched Gutters
    These are some of the hardest to spot issues. They indicate a need to rehang or replace your system.
  • No Gutters
    Most homes don't have gutters because it isn't building code in Texas. This risks damage to both the interior and exterior of your home, the foundation, yard, and landscaping.

When Gutter Replacement or Repair is Needed

Gutter Replacement - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Mold on bottom of rain gutter

These gutter failures are noticeable and indicate your system is not working properly. Repair or replacement is most likely the solution.

  • Foundation Cracks
    Water pouring from the wrong places can create cracks in the foundation. It is important to address this before damage grows.
  • Cracks in Gutter
    Any crack in the material is cause for substantial concern. In a seamless gutter system, they occur when metal ages and grows brittle.
  • Sagging or Falling Gutters
    Gutters sag and begin to fall from weight or failing attachments. Often, they can be secured if caught early.
  • Rust or Corrosion
    Rust and corrosion occur when the water-resistant lining fails. A significant sign of trouble, this can also intensify other problems.
  • Mildew, Mold, or Moss
    Moisture encourages mold, mildew, and moss growth. There are many reasons why this is happening; however, if mold occurs on walls (inside or out) or on the ground protected by gutters, there could be a leak or other system issues.
  • Disconnected Downspouts
    Downspouts come free due to clogs, loose fittings, or improperly sized gutters. The good news is this is often an easy gutter failure to remedy. Schedule gutter repair, and when our technician reattaches them, they will check for other issues.
  • Water Inside the Home
    Water that is dripping or pooling inside the house is usually a sign of problems with the roof or gutter, especially when under or around doors or windows.
  • Leaks, Drips, or Overflow
    Often caused by clogs, these can avoided by regular gutter cleaning or installing a gutter splash guard.

Perform Regular Gutter Inspections

These signs of gutter failure are harder to spot - but easier to fix. They are usually your first indication of a gutter problem.

  • Streaks on Siding
    Streaking on your home’s siding is unattractive and can be caused by leaks, overflow, or detaching gutters.
  • Puddles
    Your gutter should channel water away from the home. Puddles within inches of the foundation can indicate improper drainage and lead to cracks.
  • Peeling Paint
    Paint peels with age and other issues, but it is also a sign of failing gutters.
  • Consistent Clogs
    Clogs are best limited by regular cleaning. Consistent clogs may indicate loose attachments. Gutter guards protect the system from damage, debris, and rust while extending the life of your gutters.
  • Roof or Fascia Damage
    Damage to the roof or fascia above or behind the gutters can indicate unseen clogging or leaks.
  • Tiger Striping
    Tiger striping is streaking on the exterior of the gutter itself from dirty water flowing over the lip. This signifies clogs or improperly sized gutters. Our licensed screen hanger system resists water and dirt build up that causes tiger striping.
  • Loose Attachments
    Loose nails and screws cause clogs and can allow the gutter to fall or sag. Gutter Tex uses rivets in gutter replacement to lessen these incidents.
  • Compressed, Eroded, or Streaked Soil
    This is usually a sign that groundwater isn't being properly directed away from your home.

If you see any of these gutter failure warning signs or would like to request installation, repair, or replacement, contact Gutter Tex today.

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