Gutter Protection Guide

What Is Gutter Protection and Why Do I Need it?

Gutter protection involves the addition of gutter guards (aka leaf guards, gutter screens) for the purpose of improving water flow, reducing clogs, and preventing a costly gutter repair.

Gutter Protection - Gutter System Services - Austin TX - Gutter TexThink of your house like the human body and its gutters like the arteries that transport fluids where they need to go. If your arteries become clogged or blocked, your body can't function appropriately and suffers greatly.

In a similar fashion, a failing gutter system can be catastrophic for a homeowner. At the least, overflowing rainwater destroys your lawn and landscaping. At worst, it creates cracks and settlement issues at the base of your foundation. This type of damage is not typically covered by homeowners insurance.

Clogged and blocked gutters also offer a perfect environment for pests such as mosquitoes, ants, and rats.

What Are Gutter Guards and How Do They Work?

Gutter Protection - Gutter Tex - San Antonio, TX - Leaf Guard Expanded Wire Gutter GuardsThe primary function of gutter guards is to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from depositing into your gutters.

Smaller particles can still work their way in but are usually carried away during the next heavy rainfall.

This type of gutter protection also helps minimize snags, tears, dents, rust, and premature deterioration.

Even the best gutter guards can't completely remove the need for maintenance, they make gutter cleaning much simpler and can double (sometimes even quadruple) the time between cleanings.

What Type of Gutter Protection Is Best for My Home?

There isn't a ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to gutter protection. There are many factors to take into account before deciding on which type of gutter guard to install:

  • The pitch and shingle type of your house's roof.
  • The amount and type of trees on your property, especially those that overhang your guttering.
  • Rainfall
  • The type of existing gutter products you have installed.

For instance, K-Style and half-round gutter systems require different solutions. For these and other reasons, Gutter Tex places value on customizing a system that meets the needs of your home and environment.

Remember, a store-bought DIY solution won't save you time or money if it doesn't do the job correctly!

What Types of Guards Are Available?

There are quite a few gutter guards on the market. You may already be familiar with the ‘mesh’ type guards. These vary enormously in terms of price and quality. At Gutter Tex, we recommend and install three primary styles of gutter guards.

Leaf Blaster PRO

Gutter Protection - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - LeafBlaster Pro This model uses a much finer mesh than other types of gutter guards.

It's a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter screen so that pine needles, leaves, sticks and twigs, and even shingle grit are effectively swept from the surface. Leaf Blaster PRO enhances high-volume rainwater filtration.

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