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Best Gutter Guards for Texas Homes

Why Do You Need Gutter Guards in Texas?

How about yellow pine, live oak, Spanish oaks, Texas ash, white oaks, and redbuds (just to name a few)?

You see, Texas gutters are under assault from the area’s most popular tree species. This explains why choosing the best gutter guards is a Texas homeowners’ top priority when it comes to protecting their gutter system.

Since organic debris is easily carried by the wind, leaf guards are useful even if you don’t have trees dotting your property. With gutter guards, you can spend less time balancing on a ladder to scoop muck out of your gutters.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Let's use spaghetti as an example. You know how once your spaghetti is done cooking in the pot, you have to place your hands into that scalding water to scoop out the noodles? Hopefully not!

That would be completely ridiculous. No, instead, you pour the hot water and the noodles through a strainer so the water can drain out of the pan.

The best gutter guards work in a similar way.

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Leaf Guards

Metallic leaf screens fit over the top of your home's gutters. They filter out large leaves, twigs, and debris so the rainwater can drain into the gutter system like it's supposed to.

Therefore, these larger bits of organic matter don't clog the system.

Instead, they settle on top of the gutter guard and either drop over the edge or blow away. Smaller bits of organic debris that get into your gutter system is now easily washed through the next time it rains.

Just remember that leaf guards are a "low maintenance" accessory, not a "no maintenance" accessory.

Are Gutter Guards Really Worth It?

Due to the sporadic deluges of heavy rain that hit Texas, gutters that are free-flowing without any obstructions are an absolute necessity. Leaf guards do wonders in blocking leaves and most debris.

But pine needles and other small bits of nature can still find their way through the slats of the filter.

No gutter guard is 100% foolproof. Most of these small bits will work their way through your rainwater system during the next heavy rain (especially if you have seamless gutters installed), but you'll still want to clean your gutter system periodically.

What are the Benefits of Gutter Covers?

The best gutter guards for Texas homes save you money, time, and worry.

  • Gutter covers greatly reduce maintenance such as cleaning and repair.
  • They reduce the risk of structural damage to the gutter system, trim and roofline.
  • Leaf guards curtail pest, rodent, and insect infestations.
  • Gutter screens help prevent fire from blowing embers and trapped debris.

How to Choose the Best Gutter Guards?

Gutter Tex has carefully vetted and chosen high-quality gutter products and accessories made in the U.S. for our customers.

A number of factors, including tree coverage and roof pitch, help us determine which gutter guard works best for your home.

Aluminum Expanded Wire

Senox® Micro Mesh Expanded Wire (Ultra Flo Micro X) gutter covers are powder-coated—not enameled—to ensure longevity. The screens are strong enough to withstand fallen branches or the weight of squirrels or chipmunks.

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LeafBlaster Pro

Leafblaster Pro

The Gutter Tex team also highly recommends and installs the LeafBlaster® Pro.

This patented system uses a finer mesh and pocketed airflow system.

Leaves, sticks, pine needles, and even shingle grit are swept off the surface by the wind.

How Much Does Texas Gutter Guard Installation Cost?

Due to variables associated with gutter guard product selection and your home's circumstances, we cannot provide an estimate without assessing your property in-person.

Schedule a free onsite visit so we can provide you an accurate proposal on the best gutter guard installation.