Galvalume Gutters for Texas Homeowners

Gutters come in several material options, but galvalume gutters are the superior choice. Galvalume is an aluminum-zinc alloy-coated sheet of steel.

It has a steel core for remarkable strength paired with a coating to protect it from rust.

Galvalume gutters are less expensive than copper, and far stronger than aluminum alone (which gets damaged by hail and falling tree branches).

Stand Up to Hail Damage with Galvalume Gutters

According to the homeowners' insurance industry, in 2020 Texas had the most hail damage of any state! In fact, you may be interested in monitoring Doppler Radar's severe weather warnings and hail tracking for the Austin, San Antonio, or Dallas area.

Hail wreaks havoc on roofs, windows, siding, and your gutter system. Although not all damage is preventable, choosing the right gutter material helps a lot. The exceptional strength of galvalume means you are less likely to need gutter repair after hail storms.

Stand strong in the face of Texas weather challenges with a quality gutter installation.

What is Galvalume?

Unlike galvanized steel (which is coated in zinc), manufacturers coat galvalume in a solution of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and a 1.6% content of silicone. Aluminum reflects heat, while zinc provides a resistant barrier against moisture. The added silicone helps the coating adhere to the surface, so there's no damage during bending, rolling, or stamping.

Galvalume gutters have special properties, one of which is the ability to stop the spread of rust along cut or damaged edges. The industry refers to this special process as self-healing.

Texas Galvalume Gutters - Austin, San Antonio - Black House with Silver Galvalume Gutter System
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Benefits of Galvalume Gutters

  • Galvalume gutters look great from day one to day 9,999! Feel confident in your choice of galvalume gutters for your home.
  • Up to 4x more corrosion-resistant than galvanized steel.
  • Self-healing properties that stop spread of rust along edges.
  • The core is strong steel.
  • Gutter Tex installs galvalume gutters in a neutral gunmetal silver-gray that will never fade or change color. Give your home a modern look, enhanced curb appeal, and powerful protection against Texas rainstorms.
  • Galvanized gutters are rust-resistant and come in both K-Style and Half Round styles.

Galvalume Half Round Gutters

You'll be glad to know that galvalume gutters come in the half round style. This shape looks like half of a round pipe, which makes for easier cleaning, as there are no corners to clog with leaves and debris.

Half round gutters look nice on your home, blending well with either a historic or modern architecture. Low maintenance and long-term durability are a huge plus.

Galvalume K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters have a flat back and bottom, which make them easy to install. The front of the gutter has a beveled edge, giving K-Style gutters the look of fancy trim crown molding.

Galvalume K-Style gutters also improve protection during rainstorms as they can move substantial amounts of water through quickly, away from your home's siding and foundation.

Galvalume vs. Galvanized

Both galvalume and galvanized gutters start with a core of pure steel. However, galvanized gutters are immersed in molten zinc only (without the addition of aluminum that Galvalume uses).

They offer a long lifespan and work best in dry environments with little air pollution. Galvanized metal has a shiny, rougher surface and style as compared to the smoother matte finish of galvalume gutters.

Galvalume vs. Aluminum

There are two big differences in gutter materials… price and durability. Although galvalume is more expensive than similar shaped, seamless aluminum gutters, it is a far more durable product.

Dangerous winds, heavy rain, and hail are common in Texas. We know this, and it is the motivation behind keeping functioning gutters on our property.

Although seamless aluminum gutters are a superb choice for moving water away from our foundation, they are susceptible to the ravages of wind and hail that accompany our severe thunderstorms.

This is because aluminum alone is soft, and dents or bends easily. Hail and wind damage make aluminum gutters less efficient and in need of repair more often due to water flow restrictions. They are a popular choice because of a lower price point.

Consider the Advantages of Galvalume Gutters

Galvalume gutters are an important way to protect your home's foundation and prevent landscape erosion from the sheer volume of water, wind, and hail that Texas spring and summer storms bring.

Invest in sturdy, steel-cored galvalume gutters for the strength of steel with the rust resistance of aluminum in one superior product. Call today for a FREE estimate and let the professionals of Gutter Tex show you how cost-effective galvalume gutters are as compared to other gutter materials.