Exterior Trim Installation and Repair Near Austin, Dallas-Ft Worth, and San Antonio

Rainwater runoff damages your siding, fascia, and soffit, causing wood rot and other problems to the exterior trim. A gutter system helps protect these architectural features of your home from expensive repairs.

But if the gutter system is damaged or clogged, water runoff damages not only your siding but also your fascia and soffit too. This damage may not be immediately apparent. Repairing it prevents any further damage and saves you expensive structural repairs.

When Gutter Tex installs, repairs, or cleans gutters, we check your siding, facia, and soffit for any damage. We are then able to repair or, in some instances, install new facias or soffits. We service the beautiful Texan cities of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and their suburbs, so you always have a trustworthy exterior trim installation technition near you.

Before installing your new seamless gutter system, we inspect for any damage that may have been caused by your old gutter system.

The Purpose of Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim Installation and Repair - White Fascia Damage - Gutter Tex Austin, TXThe function of your exterior trim is to protect the internal structure of your home. By design, it seals your home from the elements and protects the frame from damage.

Exterior trim comes in many forms-wood, brick, aluminum, and vinyl siding. They all have one thing in common—when your gutters overflow, the runoff can damage the trim.

Think of your trim like the skin of your house. When you cut your finger, it allows bacteria to enter the wound which can lead to illness. When your trim is damaged, moisture can get inside. The sickness is rot, mold, and mildew, which will cause structural damage if left untreated.

You should check your wood trim every few months. Press your fingernail against the trim. If it leaves an indent, it signifies that the trim is rotted and should be replaced.

What Is Fascia?

Exterior Trim - Installation of Gutter to Fascia Trim Board - Gutter Tex of Georgetown, TXThe fascia board is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. It is sometimes known as the roofline.

Fascia seals off the roof from the exterior and is the board where the gutter system attaches.

It also serves an aesthetic purpose, as it is visible from the street and adds to your home’s overall curb appeal. Because it holds up your gutter system, it needs to be strong and durable.

Should your fascia be damaged, Gutter Tex can repair, install, or replace it.

What Is Soffit?

Exterior Trim - White Soffit - Gutter Tex 300x200The soffit is the exposed siding underneath your home’s overhang. Although invisible from the street, it is viewable when you stand directly beside your home.

A soffit is vital to your house for venting. This venting provides airflow between your roof and your attic. Your attic needs to be well ventilated to prevent mold.

During warmer months, your soffit helps to release heat from your attic.

The soffit also helps to keep pests in gutters from getting into your home. Critters, bees, and wasps love to nest in your soffit, so keeping it well maintained is essential.

We can install, repair, or replace damaged soffit during gutter work.

Exterior Trim Repair Checklist

When you contract Gutter Tex to install a new seamless gutter system, repair your existing gutters, or clean them, we check the following for any damage:

  • Facias
  • Soffits
  • Window Trim (frame, sill, and/or sash)
  • Door Trim
  • Architectural Trim

Avoid Structural Damage to Your House

As you have learned, your fascia and soffit work in synergy with your gutters to protect your home; when one part of your roof gutter fails, the rest of the system cannot work efficiently.

Damage isn’t always immediately noticeable. That’s why it’s important to check regularly. Contracting Gutter Tex for gutter installation, gutter repair, or gutter cleaning is the best way of learning about any potential problems.

Our team of professionals are the experts when it comes to repairing, replacing, or installing fascia or soffits to your home. Contact Gutter Tex today to keep you and your home healthy.