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A rain gutter system is easily one of the lowest-cost investments you can make to enhance the value and structure of your home in Texas. It helps prevent exterior and foundational water damage, landscape destruction, pest infections, and mold.

Gutter Tex is a veteran-owned company that provides full gutter system services to neighbors in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and nearby areas.

We prioritize our customers, offering easy scheduling, responsive customer service, a 5-year labor warranty, affordable financing options, and top-quality materials. Our aim is to earn your trust by giving you the best contractor experience you'll ever have!

Common Gutter Problems for Homeowners in Texas

Addressing common gutter problems promptly is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your home and preventing costly repairs. A trusted gutter maintenance professional can also help you identify and resolve issues before they escalate. If you are seeing any of the following problems with your gutter system, the team at Gutter Tex has the solution.

1. Clogging

Trees in Texas are notorious for shedding leaves, twigs, and debris, especially after a heavy storm. This buildup in your gutter system can block the flow of water, leading to overflowing and potential water damage.

2. Sagging

Sagging gutters are often caused by the weight of debris or water buildup. Improper installation or age-related wear and tear can also contribute to this issue. When gutters sag, they are unable to effectively direct water away from your home, resulting in water pooling around your foundation and structural damage over time.

3. Leaks and Corrosion

Over time, gutters can develop leaks due to corrosion, rust, or damage from debris. Corrosion is particularly prevalent in areas with high humidity or exposure to saltwater, such as Houston or other coastal regions in Texas.

4. Improper Pitch

Gutters need to be installed to match the pitch of the roof to ensure proper water flow towards downspouts. If the pitch is incorrect, water can pool in certain areas, leading to overflowing gutters, water damage, and even mold growth. This problem can occur due to poor installation or shifting of the gutter system over time.

5. Downspout Issues

Common problems with downspouts include clogs, improper alignment, and damage. Clogged or misaligned downspouts can cause water to overflow, leading to erosion around your foundation and potential basement flooding.

Gutter Problems? Gutter Tex Has The Solution!

At Gutter Tex, we offer a comprehensive suite of gutter system services dedicated to resolving issues with your home's water management system. Our goal is to become your go-to choice whenever you encounter gutter-related concerns. We're committed to earning your trust and repeat business. Let us demonstrate our dedication to excellence and reliability in every interaction.

Our Gutter System Services In Texas

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Seamless Gutter Installation

We use locally sourced top-quality materials in 57 colors plus faux copper options.

Gutter system choices include metal seamless gutters of copper, aluminum, or galvalume in 5” or 6” K-style or half round profiles.

Durability and reliability are unmatched compared to sectional gutters.


Gutter Repairs

Gutter repair greatly reduces the chances your guttering will fail when you need it most.

Consumer Reports lists runaway rainwater that pours over the gutters and puddles along the foundation as the #1 home repair that can prevent major problems later.

Don’t let problems with your gutters lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

Gutter Repairs - Texas Home
Gutter Cleaning-tall ladder

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming chore, and it can be dangerous to trudge up and down a ladder.

Be safe while maintaining and repairing your gutters.

Add gutter guards to reduce cleaning frequency.

Other Gutter System Services

Downspouts. Downspouts are the vertical portion of the gutter system positioned around the home to spread water evenly, avoid erosion, and prevent irregularities in your landscaping. Downspout installation is included in our gutter system services.

Gutter Guards. Many choose to invest in guards for their water management system during or shortly after installation, as this greatly reduces maintenance, prevents hazards, and extends the system's life.

Soffit and Fascia Repair. Improperly installed or damaged gutters can cause water damage and wood rot to your siding, exterior trim, fascia, and soffit. Our technicians conduct inspections during installations, repairs, or cleanings to ensure that all aspects of your exterior are in order.

Rainwater Collection Systems. Rainwater collection, or rain harvesting, is a means of collecting rain in a container so you can repurpose it for things like watering plants or washing the car. It's an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution for many Texans. Installing decorative rain barrels and rain chains even adds an elegant look to the home. It's a win-win-win.

Pressure Washing and Soft Washing. Pressure washing or soft washing is a great way to revitalize your driveways and pathways, and it can be added to any of our gutter system services.

Underground Drainage Cleaning. Over time, underground gutter drains become clogged with debris, preventing rainwater from draining away from your foundation. Avoid damaging soil erosion, cracked foundations, and other issues with this add-on service.

Professionalism At Its Finest

I had an exceptional experience with Gutter Tex. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent communication throughout the project made the process seamless. From the initial consultation to the final installation, I was kept informed at every phase, and any questions or concerns were addressed promptly. The outcome surpassed my expectations! Thank you!
-Wendy P.

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