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Clog-Free Gutters? Here’s the Truth!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could install clog-free gutters? And never worry about your gutters again? It's one way your home could take care of its own maintenance.

While technology has made huge strides in creating devices and equipment to make maintaining our home easier (smart home technology), it doesn't remove the need for ongoing maintenance and repair.

But what about a seamless gutter system? Can you buy and install clog-free gutters?

The truth?

There is no such thing as a clog-free gutter system. No gutter and downspout combination on the market will eliminate the need for gutter cleaning.

However, you have two options that will greatly help to prevent clogs in your gutters and keep them working effectively.

Options for Clog-Free Gutters

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#1: Gutter Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a sure-fire method for keeping your gutters clog-free.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

You should clean your gutters a minimum of once per year, but we recommend twice annually. One time at the start of summer, and then again in late fall or early winter.

Spring and Summer Fire Hazards

During the hotter months, winds whip up dirt and dried leaves, depositing them into your gutters. Any stray embers, whether from a nearby barbeque or fire, can lodge in your gutters. The dry leaves are precisely the material a fire needs to get started. This could cause a fire quickly taking hold in your roof or attic space.

Rainy Season Clogs

Fall and winter are the prime seasons for gutter clogs and rainwater overflow. The decomposing leaves and debris can form a dam, which will impede your gutter’s ability to effectively transport rainwater to the downspout and away from your foundation.

Climbing a ladder can result in an injury from a fall. If your house is a multi-story dwelling, climbing up an extension ladder poses even more danger. For your safety, we recommend you contact a professional gutter cleaning service.

Gutter Tex uses industry-standard equipment and cleaning solutions to clean your gutters safely.

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#2: Gutter Guards

The closest you will ever get to having clog-free gutters is by installing gutter guards or screens.

Gutter guards create a barrier to prevent leaves and other large debris from lodging in your gutters.

The Gutter Tex team recommends gutter guard products from the following manufacturers.

Leafblaster Pro

The Leafblaster Pro is a 100% stainless steel mesh gutter guard that keeps out leaves, large debris, dirt, and even pests.

Yes, pests in gutters such as mosquitoes and mice are a real problem in Texas.

The Z-bend technology improves water flow and lifts debris off the mesh so it can blow away naturally.

Ultra Flo Micro X

US Aluminum offers a wide selection of gutter guards to protect your rain gutters from clogging.

We use expanded wire micro mesh with small holes to keep out most debris. These guards are a steel powdered coated screen strong enough to withstand fallen branches or the weight of squirrels or chipmunks.

The powder coat is corrosion resistant and provides a slick, snag-free surface for deflecting leaves, pine needles, and seeds. They fit 5, 6, or 7-inch gutter systems.

Several factors, including tree coverage and roof pitch, determine which gutter guard works best for your home.

The Best Solution for Clog-Free Gutters?

You should use a combination of both options. Gutter guards reduce the frequency of cleaning and keep the big debris out. Gutter cleaning rewards you with clog-free gutters and also extends the life and effectiveness of your gutter system, including the guards or screens.

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