A Gutter Downspout Protects Your Texas House and Yard

All Texas homes should have guttering with a gutter downspout or rain chain to preserve the structural integrity of the house and yard.

Downspouts are the vertical portion of the gutter system. They run along and are connected to the outside of the home.

The first downspouts were installed in the thirteenth century to resolve the same problem gutters still solve today. They protected the freshly painted walls of the Tower of London. The modern rain gutter downspout combination is inseparable. Depending on the style, the shape can be rectangular or round.

A gutter downspout is positioned to spread water evenly, avoiding erosion and impact which causes irregularities in the lawn. They also move water away from the foundation to help stop soil erosion and foundation movement.

To avoid pooling, rainwater is directed evenly over the turf. Alternatively, a downspout can drain into the ground, through a garden, or into a water collection system such as a rain barrel.


How is a Gutter Downspout Installed?

Downspouts - Gutter Tex - Austin, TX - Gutters and downspout on eave of tan houseGutter Tex uses rivets to attach downspouts to ensure the most secure connection and prevent damage to your Texas home.

Elbows and offsets may be used to compensate for overhangs and uneven or irregular walls.

Connections must be sized correctly to prevent water from collecting and overrunning the gutter.

An improperly sized, incorrectly attached, or missing gutter downspout can cause leakage that damages paint, siding, and overall home structure. It can also harm soil integrity and foliage.

Gutter Repair

Through lack of maintenance, wear-and-tear, improper installation, or damage from objects and weather, your gutter downspout may need repair.

Fastenings pull free or develop leaks or tears, or the downspout pulls loose from the gutter. Methods and cost to repair will depend on the material you chose for your gutter system.

Gutter Tex employs experts in sealing and repair, no matter which metal your gutters are made of (aluminum, galvalume, or copper). We can reseat and reseal a downspout that has come loose if the gutter is still viable.

Fastenings likely need to be repositioned, and the siding repaired, for optimum placement. Holes in the material can require a gutter downspout to be removed and rehung.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning - Standing Water and Leaves Clog Gutter - Call Gutter Tex Austin, Texas

The downspout is one of the biggest problem areas for clogs for our Texas customers. Most clogs occur when leaves or debris gather at the mouth and restrict or stop the flow of water.

Gutter Tex recommends regular gutter cleaning to prevent this. Consider Gutter guards or leaf screens to help extend times between cleanings.

Even with gutter guards in place, scheduled cleaning must be observed. Grit, dirt, pollen, sap, and small debris may otherwise find their way in. Over time they will gather below the junction and cause a clog. When this occurs, the downspout must be removed, cleaned, and reattached.

Gutter Downspout Accessories

We can install and properly position rain barrels at the end of each downspout for rainwater collection.

If you want a decorative touch, rain chains may be an alternative option, replacing the need for a downspout. We will assess how well rain chains will work for your home, as requested.