Professional Gutter Installation and Repair in Georgetown, TX

If your Georgetown, TX home lacks gutters, or if the system you have is damaged, you are opening yourself to a host of issues.

Sometimes homeowners put off installs because of the cost. When you compare it to the price of fixing damaged walls, windowsills, and doors, it is a minor cost. Not to mention lawn or foundation damage.

Your gutter system protects your home for twenty years or more when properly maintained and regularly cleaned.

Gutter Tex are your gutter experts. We bring over fifteen years of combined experience in home services, construction, and gutters, and offer the following services in Georgetown:

Georgetown Gutter Cleaning

Georgetown is a relaxed, neighborly place. What other town has a motto like, 'sincerely yours'? So, during a hot Texas summer, we understand that you’d rather cool off at Lake Georgetown. Nobody wants to risk personal injury or heat stroke cleaning their gutters. But your system should be cleaned at least twice a year and summer is one of those perfect times.

Leaves and other organic matter rapidly dry out. This creates an immediate fire hazard. A stray ember from a fire or barbeque can lodge in your troughs and quickly spread to your roof and attic.

During fall, debris in your gutters becomes clogged with wet organic matter. This can lead to mold or mildew quickly invading your house. Then, of course, there is the overflow of water from a blocked gutter.

We don’t advise performing your own cleanings, for a few reasons. As we’ve mentioned, the risk of a fall is extremely high. There’s also the likelihood that you’ll damage your system by incorrectly placing your ladder.

Gutter Tex employs a team of professionals who will efficiently clean your gutters using industry-standard equipment and cleaning solutions. You can even schedule regular cleaning with us.

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After Gutter Cleaning - Kyle TX - Gutter Cleaners Removed Debris - Gutter Tex 600x400

Gutter Repairs

Georgetown, TX has a humid subtropical climate. This means long hot summers with an average temperature of 100F for over seven days, coupled with mild winters.

Storms and other unusual weather do happen though. It’s at these times that your gutters may become damaged. Branches carried by strong winds can punch holes in your seamless system. High winds can also loosen brackets. Fortunately, we have experience dealing with the aftermath of severe weather.

Rust is probably one of the most common reasons for repairs. We can scrub away the rust and patch any holes. We also repair or replace worn or damaged hangers and attachments.

When you book Gutter Tex for a cleaning job, we can notify you of any damage we notice and advise you on the best ways to fix it.

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Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are an effective way to help your system carry out its work. They act as a fine sieve, blocking larger organic matter from entering your gutters.

They are never meant to act as a replacement for cleaning but they do reduce the amount of leaf litter considerably. There are many store-bought guards on the market. The problem is, they are mass-produced and of inferior quality.

Gutter guards aren’t a one size fits all solution. Factors such as the pitch of your roof, the number of trees around your property, and so on, all need to be taken into account. Gutter Tex installs durable guards that are so strong they can resist damage from a falling branch.

Arrange an obligation free quote and when one of our team members arrives, they’ll take in all the factors that make your home unique. You can even view samples of our range of gutter guards. We’ll happily answer all your questions about the product and installation.

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Georgetown, TX Gutter Installations

Whether you’re building a new home in Georgetown or renovating an older one, Gutter Tex is your one-stop for new gutter installation. We manufacture and install seamless lengths of aluminum, galvanized, or copper guttering from our mobile onsite factory.

Seamless K-style gutters have fewer joins, which means fewer places for leaves and organic matter to snag on. We only use rivets, never screws. This means a more secure fitting and less chance of rust.

But there are many more reasons you should choose Gutter Tex for your new gutter installation, including the following:

  • 5-year Limited Labor Warranty
  • Manufacturers’ Warranty
  • Bonded and Fully Insured
  • Experienced Employees (no sub-contractors or day laborers)
  • 10% Discount for Seniors, Military, Teachers, and First Responders
  • A Portion of All Sales Goes to Local Charities (i.e., Free to Breathe, ALS, Cory’s Crusaders, Central Texas Dachshund Rescue).
  • Dozens of 5-Star Customer Reviews
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Kevin and his crew are punctual, have great communication skills, and do quality work. We hired them to install gutters and they explained everything thoroughly, listened and considered our concerns, and even gave us a 10% discount since our neighbors used them as well. Thanks for the quality work guys!
5 Stars from Yelp, S.M.

So, whether you need a gutter cleaning service, guards, repairs, or installations - any kind of Austin-area gutter project - there’s only one place you need to visit - Gutter Tex.



Serving All of Georgetown

We happily provide gutter services to all Georgetown neighborhoods, including Briar Glen, Crescent Bluff, Gabriel’s Overlook, Heritage Hollow, Inner Loop, Logan Plateau, Mission Oaks, New Life, Old Town, Pleasant Valley, Sun City, Texstar, and Water’s Edge.