Gutters Near Saginaw, TX:

Gutter Installation, Gutter Cleaning, and Gutter Repair

Rusty, leaky, or saggy gutters can lead to severe water damage both inside and outside your home. Gutter Tex is your hometown gutter company with a Texas-sized service list designed to make us the one-call, one-stop solution for all your gutter needs.

This is a warm and welcoming community with a low crime rate, excellent schools, tons of recreation opportunities, and a high quality of life. We love our customers in Saginaw and our fast, friendly service makes it easy for them to enjoy their community without worrying about properly functioning gutters!

Local soil conditions contribute to the problem of urban flooding throughout the Tarrant County region, so it's more important than ever to protect your foundation with durable gutters that last a lifetime. As one of the most reliable gutter companies across Texas, we're here to lend a hand and provide top-notch rainwater protection for your home.

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Gutter Repair, a gutter downspout with leaking joints in Texas
Sagging Gutter in Lakeway TX

Gutter Installation

Need new gutters? We custom-create seamless gutters to provide long-lasting, leak-free protection for your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Even the best gutters still need cleaning. Here in Saginaw, we recommend cleaning them twice to four times yearly. This will help you avoid damage from rainwater and reduce the risks of mosquitoes ruining your next BBQ!

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Before Cleaning
After Cleaning-Garland gutters-Gutter Tex-500x500

After Cleaning

Gutter Guards

Bur oaks, Chinquapin oaks, live oaks, Mexican white oaks, red oaks, and messy Texas redbud trees keep our neighborhoods beautiful, but fill gutters fast.

Protect your gutters with gutter guards, which prevent debris from entering your gutters, reducing clogs and preventing rust.

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Exterior Repair Services

Save money by maintaining your existing gutter system with our gutter repair services. We address common problems like sagging gutters, gutter holes, detached downspouts, and more.

In addition, our experienced carpenters offer exterior trim, soffit, and siding repairs.

Rain Barrels and Chains

Add elegance to your seamless gutter system with rain chains! Rain chains are a work of art in their own right and are used as an alternative to a downspout, moving water into a rain barrel or a rock bed.

We're happy to offer insight on adding one to your seamless gutter system so you can have the prettiest home in town!


Popular Gutter Styles

We offer two distinct gutter styles — K-Style Gutters and Half-Round Gutters.

K-style gutters are the best option if you are most concerned with preventing gutter overflow. The flat bottoms and sides allow them to collect more water than a half-round, so they’re perfect for heavy rainfalls. K-style gutters are by far the most common gutters we install in this area.

Other residents who want a more aesthetic look from their gutters will want to choose half-round gutters. These semi-circular gutters are unique and stylish and give your home a unique, metallic accent.

If you have a home built before 1950, half-round gutters are a perfect option if you want to maintain your home’s historical accuracy. Most Texan homes built during the time have rounded rooflines, so this gutter style fits right in.

gutter tex seamless gutters k style Saginaw tx

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Choose Gutter Tex As Your Preferred Gutter Company

Here are a few reasons to choose us over any other gutter provider.

  1. We use only top-quality, locally sourced materials.
  2. We've been serving Texas for over 20 years and don't intend to stop anytime soon. Check out our reviews!
  3. We offer fair interest rate financing to help you absorb the costs of larger gutter projects.
  4. We offer a 10% discount to Saginaw seniors, service members, teachers, and first responders.
  5. Enjoy a 5-year labor warranty on all installations.

We're a Veteran-owned HomeAdvisor Top Rated business with an A+ rating with the BBB.

Let us show you why our customers don't call other gutter providers after meeting us! 

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