Gutter Repair Services for Fort Worth Homeowners

Are your gutters a hot mess? Our gutter repair services get your gutters flowing to protect your home, property and community from stormwater damage.

Gutter Repair, a gutter downspout with leaking joints in Texas
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Gutter Repair, Hole in Gutter in Garland, Texas
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Signs your gutters need repair include:

  • Big holes that turn into waterfalls during storms
  • Sagging or slipping brackets
  • Detached fascia boards
  • Rusted gutters
  • Gaps between gutter seams
  • Cracks or fractures
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Mold in the basement
  • Soil erosion near the home
  • Unexplained nails or screws in your yard
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Mold on wall-Gutter Tex-Fort Worth TX
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Gutter Tex to the Rescue for Gutter Repair

If you see any of these problems, Gutter Tex has you covered.

Our gutter repair services restore your gutters to their proper functioning so they can continue to protect your home.

While We're There, We Will Change Your Exterior Light Bulbs

Skip the ladder-climbing routine for your porch lights and exterior bulbs! Tell us during your quote inquiry that you'd like our assistance with this job. Make sure you've got your preferred bulbs ready, and we'll handle the rest when we come over.

Fair Price for Quality Work!

It was a great experience working with Gutter Tex to install gutters on my house. Thanks to Dan and the team! Everything was explained, written in detail, and installed perfectly. I recommend Gutter Tex if you are looking to have gutter service.

Quan D.

Rain Gutter Repair-Dallas TX-clogged sagging gutter in Dallas, TX

Repair Your Gutters, Protect Your Home

The Fort Worth area gets 30 to 50 inches of rain every year. All that rainwater can really do a number on your house.

The purpose of a gutter system is to collect water and direct it away from your house, especially your foundations. When your gutters break, it puts at risk other components of your property, such as your siding, brickwork, foundations, windows, driveways, soffits, fascia, roofing, and landscaping.

Gutter repair services are relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs of fixing some of these other home systems. For example, foundation repair alone can run you $10,000 or more.

When severe weather strikes, you'll want to know your gutters are up to the challenge.

Great Gutters are Fort Worth's Green Choice

Help your home and help Fort Worth! When your gutters are in good repair, you:

  • Gain the option to use a rain barrel to reuse grey water in your garden
  • Gain the option to create a rain garden full of native plants
  • Can create a bioswale to reduce debris and pollution
  • Prevent localized flooding on your property
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Reduce strain on Fort Worth's stormwater management systems

If you care about a clean, green Fort Worth, then you should care about installing functional gutters!

Gutter Repair-Fort Worth TX-DIY dangers-Gutter Tex-400x600Why DIY Gutter Leak Repair is a Bad Idea

It's probably best to leave gutter repairs to the experts.

Gutter repair may seem like a simple job, but it's a lot more complex than it appears.

  • First and foremost, safety is a significant concern. Working on gutters involves climbing ladders and getting on the roof, which can be dangerous if you're not properly equipped for the job. Do you have the necessary safety equipment to prevent a fatal fall?
  • Do you have the right tools and experience to repair your gutters effectively? If you don't have the correct gear and significant expertise, you can end up causing more damage to your gutters and your roof.
  • Finally, you can bundle other services into your repair. For example, ask us about installing gutter guards on the same repair job for cost savings.

Expect Professional Results from Gutter Tex

GutterTex comes to your home with OSHA-rated PPE and insurance that protects our professional gutter repair technicians. We'll take on the risk, so you don't have to.

Contact the professionals at GutterTex to schedule your gutter repair today.


Can Gutter Tex Fix My Gutters?

We are happy to offer gutter repair services wherever they’ll work. However, if your gutters are over seven years old or have deteriorated to where they’re impossible to repair, we will discuss replacement alternatives.

We know protecting your home is a top priority and work fast to make sure you have a working gutter system.

Exterior Trim and Siding Repair

Rainwater runoff can damage your siding, fascia, and soffit causing wood rot and other problems to the exterior trim. When Gutter Tex repairs gutters, we check your siding, facia, and soffit for any damage. We are then able to repair, or in some instances, install new facias or soffits.

Have you noticed a black or brown-colored streaking on your gutters or siding? It’s called tiger striping. Rainwater overflows in your gutters and runs down the sides of your home. The water carries pollutants (both natural and chemical) that stain metal.

Schedule your free estimate for gutter installation or gutter repair. We will inspect your siding and, if needed, add repair as part of your quote.

Gutter Downspout Accessories

While we're repairing your gutter system, we can install and properly position rain barrels at the end of each downspout for rainwater collection.

If you want a decorative touch, rain chains may be an alternative option, replacing the need for a downspout.

It's becoming popular in Fort Worth to create a rain garden. Not to be confused with a pond or a wetland, a rain garden will be dry most of the year, however, when we get a storm, the water from the gutters is diverted to an area of the yard that has been prepared to receive it. While easy-care, native plants thrive with rainwater, the soil filters the water as an added bonus to the eco-system. Let us know if you're designing a rain garden so we can add gutter extensions to deliver rainwater to your garden.

We're happy to help you get the most benefits from your repaired and fully-functional gutter system.

5-Star Service!

Gutter Tex is terrific. They came to clean gutters and repair a gutter section that was pulled away. The wood was rotted bad beneath the gutters. They replaced the old wood, primed and painted it. Our gutters look like new. The crew was timely, efficient and neat. Gutter Tex does great work!

Michael S.

Didn't Spend a Fortune!

Gutter Tex replaced and / or repaired all of the gutters at our home. They were professional, punctual, and assisted in making a decision whether to replace or repair existing gutters. I was delighted to not spend a fortune on the necessary repairs, will use Gutter Tex again, and recommend them highly.

Lisa A.

Schedule Your Fort Worth Gutter Repair Today

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Don't let the situation get worse. Contact us to schedule an estimate for gutter repair cost.

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