Fort Worth Gutter Guards: Keeping Your Gutters Clean and Working Properly

Are you tired of spending time and money on gutter cleaning for your? We understand.

While you can't avoid gutter cleaning entirely, you can drastically reduce the number of times you have to clean your gutters each year. It's as easy as adding gutter guards!

Gutter guards minimize the need for regular gutter cleaning, reducing maintenance efforts, as well as the risk of accidents associated with climbing ladders to clean gutters.

What are Gutter Guards?

In North Texas, where heavy rainfall can occur during certain seasons, gutter guards play an essential role in managing rainfall and protecting your home from water damage.

These gutter accessories are installed over the top of your gutters to prevent leaves, debris, and other materials from clogging the troughs.

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Why are Gutter Guards Helpful?

Gutter guards offer numerous benefits for area homeowners.

  1. Keeps water flowing
    Clogged gutters can cause structural problems. The weight of water stuck in the gutter trough can cause your gutters to bend, warp, or even rip from your house. Standing water also causes overflows, which can, in turn, cause rainwater leaks both inside and outside your house. Here in Fort Worth, that doesn't just mean water damage and electrical hazards. It can mean acquiring a mold and mildew infestation, too.
  2. Prevents house fires
    A gutter full of dried pine needles, dead leaves, and sweetgum balls is a trough full of kindling. When Fort Worth isn't wet, it's hot and dry. One stray spark is all it would take to light your attic, roof, or soffits on fire.
  3. Discourages mosquitoes
    In the eyes of a mosquito, a gutter clog is as good a home as a puddle or a pond. They're happy to lay their eggs all around the perimeter of your home, which translates into you frantically spraying Off! and worrying about West Nile Disease the minute you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a sweet tea on the back porch.
  4. Filters debris
    Guards keep sediment and organic matter out of the stormwater runoff. Sediments may contain nutrients, metals, and other pollutants that can harm water bodies if they enter the stormwater system. Leaves, grass clippings, and other organic debris, when decomposed in water bodies, can deplete oxygen levels with a negative impact on aquatic life.
  5. Stops soil erosion
    By keeping gutters clear and unobstructed, gutter guards help prevent water from overflowing and pooling around the foundation of your home. This is crucial in North Texas, as heavy rain events can lead to water infiltration, basement flooding, and potential structural damage.
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Clogged Gutters cause a roof fire in Fort Worth TX
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Gutter Guards Protect from Tree Leaf Debris

Here in Fort Worth, many homeowners have several trees in their front yards that are typically aggressive shedders. These include:

  • Live Oak trees
  • Bur Oak Trees
  • Sweetgum Trees
  • Pine Trees
  • Maple Trees

Each of these trees will fill a gutter faster than greased lightning, which means cleaning your gutters four times a year. Some tree-loving Fort Worth homeowners even require monthly gutter cleaning services!

Who wants to deal with all that? Gutter guards keep all that leaf debris out of your gutters. You spend less time cleaning while protecting your gutters from damage and clogs.

Great Job!

Emiliano and Brian arrived on time at 10:00 am. They cleaned all our gutters and then covered them with leaf guard on both the first and second levels, and were done by 3:00 pm. They left no leaf debris.


Two days later we had three inches of rain from a heavy thunderstorm and everything worked perfectly. Great job!

Nigel G.

Best Investment!

Micah recommended the Leaf Blaster Pro, saying they work great. Jose and Anthony installed my gutter guards and added a new gutter in November. They were excellent and ensured perfect cleanup. Even with the heavy leaf drop in Nov/Dec, the guards are working great and my gutters and downspouts are draining and flowing perfectly. Communications and service were excellent during the whole process. This was one of my best investments. I have lots of dropping from my trees, and the gutter guards still look and work great.

Preston Z.

Good Work!

I've had two (positive) experiences with Gutter Tex - one to install leaf guards on my gutters, and the other to replace damaged gutters after our latest ice storm.

They're basically everything you want from a home-services provider: they're communicative, friendly, show up when they're supposed to, and they do good work. I didn't think I could get excited about gutters, but I do feel a bit of a swell of pride when I look at my new, pristine installation. Thanks, Dan-O, and the rest of the crew!

Mike S.

How Gutter Guards Help the Community's Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure refers to a range of practices and techniques that utilize natural systems to manage stormwater and promote environmental sustainability.

It involves using systems that include vegetation, soil, and other natural materials to absorb, retain, and filter stormwater runoff.

When you incorporate gutter guards in your gutter system, you are helping to manage rainwater flow as well as providing filtration. In adopting green infrastructure practices, homeowners and communities in North Texas can help mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall events, reduce erosion, enhance water quality, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient environment.

Gutter Guard FAQs

Will I Still Have to Clean my Gutters?

Sadly, yes. No gutter guard system in existence will eliminate the need for gutter cleaning altogether. At the very least, debris must be removed from the tops of the gutter guards.

Yet with gutter guards, you can clean your gutters once a year, instead of two, three, or four times a year.

Schedule a cleaning with us in the fall to ensure your gutters and gutter guards remain in tip-top shape.

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Gutter Guard-Leaf Blaster Pro-HuttoTX-Gutter Tex-500x500

What are the Best Gutter Guards for my Fort Worth Home?

We recommend and install several types of gutter guards. Before we recommend a gutter guard system, we look at the pitch of your roof and the tree coverage in your yard.

Then we recommend one of three options:

  1. Aluminum exposed wire gutter guards
  2. Leaf Guard gutter guards
  3. LeafBlaster® Pro gutter guards

Most Fort Worth homeowners will get the best results from LeafBlaster® Pro gutter guards. The LeafBlaster® Pro system includes a stainless steel micromesh that makes it all but impossible for anything other than water to flow into your gutter. The holes in the micromesh are so tight that passage is difficult, even for pine needles. Now that's protection!

We’ll happily answer your questions about the various gutter guard brands, and bring product samples for you to review.

Water flows through your gutters but never over them, maximizing the water damage protection the entire system provides.

Can't Gutter Guards Be Bought Online or at a Store?

Yes, gutter guards are available to buy as a do-it-yourself project from home improvement stores. However, considerations such as the pitch of your roof, width and depth of your gutters, and the number of trees around your property need to be taken into account when designing your gutter guard protection.

It's much safer to hire a trained technician who can make sure the guards are installed correctly without damaging your system.

Guard Your Gutters Today!

Let us properly install the right leaf guards so your home is prepared for the average 37 inches of rain that we receive every year.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate!

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