Gutter Cleaning is Essential in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking for gutter cleaning services in Fort Worth, TX?

If your trees have clogged up your gutters with leaves, sticks, pine needles, helicopter seeds, and sweet gum balls, then it's time for a thorough cleaning by the experts at GutterTex.

Our gutter cleaning services are thorough, affordable, and easy to schedule.

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Debris in gutters causes problems
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Clean gutters allow rainwater to flow

The Dangers of Dirty Gutters

  1. Water stops flowing
    Gutter clogs prevent rainwater from flowing through the channel. Instead of protecting your home, dirty gutters create problems. Water doesn't flow out of the downspout. It spills over the sides of your gutters and damages your foundation, roof, windows, siding, and more.
  2. Causes damage to gutter system
    Additionally, the added weight from all this debris can cause gutters to pull away from the soffit and fascia, damaging the brackets. Once that happens, you're staring down the barrel of some costly repairs.
  3. Pest magnets
    Clogged gutters attract unwanted critters like snakes and rats, who make their nests there. In Fort Worth, mosquitoes are notorious for breeding in stale water trapped in neglected gutters.

Why let dirty gutters lead to broken gutters when you could schedule a cleaning with the experts at GutterTex?

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Are your gutters spilling over the edge instead of out the downspout?
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Are they clogged by leaves, sticks, and pine needles?
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Do you suspect critters are using your gutters as their new den?

How Clean Gutters Help Fort Worth's Green Infrastructure

By regularly cleaning gutters and preventing them from clogging, you contribute to effective stormwater management. When gutters are clear, they can efficiently channel rainwater away from your property, reducing the likelihood of localized flooding and soil erosion.

Furthermore, clean gutters can also enhance the effectiveness of green infrastructure practices. For instance, if you have a rain garden or bioswale on your property, clean gutters ensure that the collected rainwater flows freely into these features, allowing them to function optimally in absorbing and filtering stormwater runoff.

Preventing clogs and ensuring the efficient flow of rainwater helps to reduce the strain on stormwater systems. It also prevents water damage, and advances the overall effectiveness of green infrastructure practices.

Maintaining clean gutters contributes to Fort Worth's green infrastructure by supporting proper stormwater management.

Gutter Tune Ups in Fort Worth

Our gutter tune up service includes:

  • Removing all leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts
  • Sealing corners to minimize leaking
  • Adding new hangers, if needed, to the gutters

It’s more than just a cleaning; it's our standard level of gutter cleaning.

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DIY Gutter Cleaning: It's a Bust

Did you know? Cleaning your gutters can be dangerous, especially if you have a two-story house. A single misstep could lead to severe injury or even death!

Why risk a fall? Leave it to the experts at GutterTex.

100% Professionalism!

Nothing but good things to say about Gutter Tex! They were at my home within 2 days of my initial call to inspect and provide a detailed quote for gutter cleaning and repair, provided me a start date after getting estimate approval, sent email updates as weather caused understandable shifting of schedules, and sent me photos of before/after on the day the work was done. No B.S., just 100% professionalism. Very reasonable pricing considering how great the service was.

Josh N.

The Best!

Gutter Tex did a great job cleaning our gutters and downspouts. They also installed screens on our gutters. The company was a pleasure to deal with. Javier and Marcelo were on time, did excellent work, and cleaned up afterwards. They even sent pictures of their work. Gutter Tex may not be the cheapest, but I've used other companies in the past and Gutter Tex is by far the best.

Eric C.

Expect Professional Results from Gutter Tex

GutterTex technicians come to your home with OSHA-rated PPE and insurance that protects our professional gutter cleaning technicians. We'll take on the risk, so you don't have to.

Who wants to spend a precious day off pulling wet, dirty leaves from a gutter? Enjoy your weekend instead.

You could watch the game or enjoy the hiking trails at Eagle Lake Park instead of getting hot, dirty, and sweaty on a ladder.

We'll do all the work. Gutter cleaning services are the affordable, stress-free way to knock gutter cleaning off your "honey-do" list.

Gutter Cleaning FAQs

How often should I clean my gutters?

Most people need gutter cleaning services at least twice a year. We recommend scheduling services in the spring and fall.

Yet no two houses are alike. Your optimized cleaning schedule will depend on the trees in your yard and whether you've invested in gutter guards.

Here in Fort Worth, many homeowners have live oak or burr oak trees in their front yards. These trees help to provide cooling shade for the whole home, but they're often aggressive about dropping small sticks, leaves, and acorns into the gutter systems. Fort Worth homeowners with sweetgums, maple trees, and pine trees may also want to plan on scheduling gutter cleaning services more often.

Homeowners who take advantage of our gutter guard installation service will only need to schedule gutter cleaning services once a year, even if they do have a passel of problematic trees.

Ask us about gutter guards today!

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

The cost depends on several factors. How many gutters do you have? Is your house ranch-style or multi-story? What is the current condition of your gutters?

But it costs you nothing to contact us for a free estimate!

What if our gutters need more attention beyond cleaning?

Gutter Tex is a full-service gutter company. During your gutter cleaning appointment, we will also inspect and identify areas in need of repair to include the gutter system, siding, or exterior trim. We can discuss options that will save you money and add value.

Ask how Gutter Tex can put you on a money-saving, ongoing maintenance plan that includes a meticulous inspection and gutter cleaning.

Why hire Gutter Tex?

Our professional gutter cleaners are employees (not subcontractors or day laborers) who save you time and money on supplies by doing your gutter cleaning right every time.

We remove debris from your gutters and downspouts while ensuring the roof area adjacent to your gutter system is cleared. Our gutter cleaner ensures the proper flow of water, preventing soil and terrain damage, and verifies its appropriate collection in rain barrels if you make use of rainwater collection.

With over 40 years of combined experience in construction and home improvement services, you can depend on our affordable expertise.

We are punctual, respect your time and property, and thoroughly clean the job site upon project completion.

Can Gutter Tex replace exterior light bulbs?

Yes! Are you dreading the ladder work to switch out your porch or motion-sensor lights? Simply mention you'd like this done when you contact us for a quote. Have your preferred bulbs ready, and we'll handle the task when we visit.

We'll do it for you!

Excellent Experience!

Gutter Tex came out about a month ago, gave us a (very reasonable) quote, and we received a 10% discount for booking a cleaning within 24 hours. Communication and scheduling was easy - we did not get to pick the date, but since you don't need to be home for the service, it didn't matter at all. We were happy to get the first available date.

Cleaning took place today, and our tech was great. He was on-time, polite, and did an extremely thorough job. He worked quickly and cleaned up all the debris (honestly, he cleaned up leaves that just happened to be on our driveway, in addition to what came out of the gutters). We have a two story house with a very steep roof and he took it in stride!

Our experience was excellent, and we will go with Gutter Tex the next time we need our gutters cleaned! (Next time we won't wait so long!)

Caitlin B.

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