Seamless Gutter Installation, Repair and Cleaning in Del Valle, TX

Del Valle is home of Tesla Gigafactory 5, so it's no surprise that residents of Del Valle value innovation, performance and efficiency. And that’s why seamless gutters are a perfect fit for Del Valle homeowners.

Gutter Tex offers professional installation of seamless gutters, custom-sized to fit your roof and your aesthetics. Advantages of seamless gutters are that they rarely leak and are less likely to clog.


Roof gutters come in two primary styles, available in different sizes.

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Gutters are available in many materials. Gutter Tex offers three of the sturdiest metals for your home.

  • Aluminum is durable and long lasting. It is the most common choice due to price and low weight.
  • Galvanized is a reliable option. When properly cared for it has a long life. It is more resistant to dings, rips, and damage from ladders, debris, and falling objects.
  • Copper has the most extended life of any metal. It is damage resistant. Unlike other options, it comes in only its natural color.

Price was Reasonable…Installation was Painless!

Great to work with. Huge bonus points for being able to perform everything online, including payment. Price was reasonable and installation was painless. Even the few minor changes I wanted to add were easy. The installers got the job done in less than 6 hours! Would recommend and use again.
Erik P.

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Are Gutter Guards Recommended for Del Valle?

Whether you're getting new gutters installed or repairing existing gutters, gutter guards are an excellent addition to the system.

Gutter Guards protect the gutter system from damage, debris, and rust, so your gutters last longer. Their purpose is to reduce the amount of leaves and debris entering your gutter troughs.

Homeowners with gutter guards have reported doubling (sometimes even quadrupling) the time between gutter cleanings.

Gutter Tex uses three models of gutter guard. You can arrange for an obligation-free quote for a gutter guard installation. One of our team members can walk you through the entire process. They’ll even show you samples of our three models and let you know which model is right for your home.

Another benefit of a gutter cleaning from Gutter Tex is that we can alert you to any gutter damage we discover. We are the experts in gutter repair as well as new installations.

Allow Gutter Tex to consult with you and offer a free quote on the installation of gutter guards.

Gutter Cleaning to Prevent Clogs and Fire Risk

If you don’t have gutter guards, you know your gutters need to be cleaned at minimum twice a year, as well as after any severe weather. But gutter cleaning is a time consuming and messy chore, with a certain amount of risk depending upon the height of your roof.

But if you don’t clean out the gutters, debris (leaves, small branches, pine cones, vermin nests, etc.) will dry in the summer heat and increase your risk of a home fire. All it takes is a lit ember to land in the gutter trough and your roof could catch fire very quickly.

As soon as the rain starts falling, the dry debris gets wet and clogs your gutters. Rainwater splashes over the top of the gutters, dripping down your exterior walls and pooling around the foundation, possibly flooding your basement or crawl space.

It’s Too Big a Job for Us … Can We Hire Someone?

A handy alternative for Del Valle homeowners is to hire Gutter Tex. With more than 15 years experience and a professionally trained work crew equipped with state-of-the-art tools and cleaning solutions, you can rest assured your gutters will be cleaned efficiently and effectively. You can even schedule regular cleanings in advance.

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Gutter Repair

While they’re cleaning your gutters, our techs will inspect for any damage or issues that need to be addressed to keep your gutters working properly. They’ll explain any problems they observe, and offer solutions that add value to your home and save you money.

I’m Proud to be Their Customer!

I recently bought a house and immediately noticed a drainage issue when the rainy season came. I called Gutter Tex after reading excellent reviews, and Kevin came over to give me a quote. He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions regarding color, gutter material, and the advantages of rain barrels.

The gutters were installed a couple of weeks ago and we are very pleased with how they turned out! Gutter Tex does clean, quick work and the fact that they are a local business makes me so proud to be their customer. Highly recommend!!!
Victoria I.

Money-Saving Rainwater Collection

Eco-minded homeowners are raving about the benefits of rain barrels, including:

  • recycles water
  • reduces your water bill
  • helps prevent soil erosion and flooding
  • preserves our water quality

After all, who doesn’t love FREE fresh rain water for use in gardens, lawns, landscaping, outdoor cleaning, and indoor plants?

Ask Gutter Tex to add a rainwater collection system when they’re cleaning or installing your gutters.

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Texas Rainwater Collection Austin, San Antonio -Steel Rain Barrel - Gutter Tex
Rainwater Collection-Terra Cotta Rain Barrel-San Antonio Texas -Gutter Tex-300x300

Why Are Gutter Tex Rain Barrels Best?

Our rain barrels include two water recovery methods:

  • A solid brass spigot to dispense into watering cans or buckets
  • An attachment for hoses, using natural pressure to increase water flow.

Insects such as mosquitos are attracted to standing water. This design protects against insect and debris entry while reducing algae contamination and odors.

Great Company and Great Product!

Great company and great product. Never thought I could be so excited about gutters, but we have a little white mid-century style home and the black gutters look awesome! JP Simpson really helped us out with great plans and working to incorporate some rain barrels that we had purchased. Thank you!

Levi G.

Rain Chains

As an alternative to a downspout, rain chains move water gracefully from your gutter system to a rain barrel, other rainwater storage container, or into the yard. Traditionally they are positioned to channel water into a rock bed which then disperses the rainwater.

Most rain chains are made of hammered metal that is molded into bowl shapes with small holes in the bottom. They may be crafted to look like cups, bells, or flowers. And then, some are classic chains, with no embellishment at all. Copper rain chains are cherished for the renowned blue-green patina, but as your preference, there are also rain chains enamel-coated in colors to complement your gutters and house.

Ask your Gutter Tex representative about rain chains at your free appraisal.


Pressure Washing Sidewalk-Del Valle TX-GutterTex-600x400
Texas Pressure Washing - Texas - Gutter Tex Professional Power Washing Driveway

Remove dirt, mold, mildew, insects, and cobwebs from driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patios.

Pressure Washing Services in Del Valle

Pressure washing is a natural fit with gutter installation or cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how brightening up your non-painted concrete, brick, or flagstone surfaces enhances your pride in ownership!

Our Gutter Tex professional technicians thoroughly clean porches, patios, sidewalks and driveways so they look brand new.

Amazing Job Pressure Washing my Driveway!

Absolutely thrilled with GutterTex for doing an amazing job pressure washing my driveway! I am blown away at the difference it made! I have lived in this house for three years and was curious to see how much of a difference it would make to the front of the house. I cannot imagine a cheaper, better alternative that has such a huge impact on how nice it looks!!! Highly, HIGHLY recommend GutterTex to do your house, cannot wait to get gutters on the house next!!!
Tara D.

Get Professional Gutter Installation, Maintenance and Pressure Washing in Del Valle

Gutter Tex provides quality gutter and house painting services to the homeowners of Del Valle and surrounding neighborhoods. We are bonded and insured ($2 million in liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance), offer a 5-year limited labor warranty, and are A-rated with the Better Business Bureau. Check out our gutter projects gallery.

Take advantage of a 10% discount for seniors, military, teachers, and first responders. And a percentage of all sales are donated to local charities.

So, whether you need a gutter cleaning service, guards, repairs, or installations, there’s only one place you need to visit – Gutter Tex.