Gutter Services in The Colony, TX

Are your gutters sagging, rusty, leaky, or debris-filled? Here in The Colony, there's just one company to call—Gutter Tex: the Texas gutter company that gets your gutters done right.

Eliminate Gutter Cleaning Headaches

With our help, you can have long-lasting, durable, effective, low-maintenance gutters capable of lasting 20 years or more. We can help you spend less time or money on gutter cleaning.

Tired of this nasty fall chore? We offer an affordable gutter cleaning service. You can even schedule regular maintenance to ensure your home is protected year-round. We'll even inspect your gutters and tell you if you need repairs while we're up there. With Gutter Tex, you might never have to bust out your ladder again.


Absolute hassle-free gutter installation. Very professional interactions with the office team, sales team and the installation crew. Competitive price, but what won me over was great communication and customer service. Highly recommend!

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Not Too Pricey!

I have used Gutter Tex for years both for regular cleanings and repairs. They are always on time, efficient and not too pricey. Dan O and his team do a great job. Highly recommend.

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How Good Gutters Make Great Neighbors in The Colony

Dirty gutters don't just have an impact on you and your home. They can create problems for your neighbors, too.

Clogged gutters create little pools of standing water that serve as a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Checking your outdoor surroundings for mosquito breeding grounds is the first defense against the West Nile Virus, but most people don't think about their gutters.

Spraying can only do so much. Protect yourself, your family members, and your neighbors by calling us to help you clean your gutters.

Good gutters also help you protect The Colony from stormwater runoff problems. Stormwater runoff can pollute our waterways, including Lewisville Lake. You can incorporate clean, working gutters into one of two solutions to help alleviate the problem.

  1. One way is to create a rain garden. If you already have a soggy wet patch in your yard or a place in your yard that makes a small basin, you can transform it into a rain garden. By diverting water from your gutter's downspout into an area transformed into a bed for native plants, you can create a gorgeous garden that will absorb excess stormwater and control erosion.
  2. Another way is to get a rain barrel. Collecting rainwater gives you grey water that you can use to water your lawn and any non-edible plants. If you have aluminum gutters instead of copper gutters, you can filter the water for other uses. When you do this, you can even swap out your downspouts for a gorgeous rain chain without impacting the function of your gutter system.

Bat Protection in The Colony

Bats Eat Mosquitoes

Residents of The Colony love our bats. Two species, red bats and Brazilian free-tailed bats voluntarily assist in our fight against mosquitoes. While many of the bats live in caves around the Edwards Plateau ecoregion, they also roost on man-made structures including your home's gutters.

What to do if You Find a Bat

Sometimes you might find a bat around your home. It could be a lost youngster, an injured adult or a frail elder bat. Because bats can carry rabies, the city asks you not to handle the bat. They instruct you as follows:

"If an immobile bat is found, place a bowl over it, weight the bowl with a rock or brick and call Animal Control (972-370-9250) to remove the bat."

If roosting bats have damaged your gutters, call Gutter Tex for quick, affordable and quality repair work.

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The Colony Gutter Tex Systems

Services Offered in The Colony, TX 

We offer the following services in The Colony:

Choose between gorgeous, custom-cut aluminum, galvalume, or copper gutters.

If your gutters need attention, call us. Our prices are reasonable, our technicians are friendly, and we get the job done right.

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