Lewisville Gutters Help Solve These Two Concerns

Looking for gutter services in Lewisville? Gutter Tex helps protect homes and yards across the Dallas area.

1. Water Conservation

Drought is a regular feature of Lewisville's climate, and your robust, seamless gutter system is an important part of the city's green infrastructure. Most people recognize the gutter system's role in preventing flooding and other damage caused by uncontrolled stormwater during heavy rainstorms. But it's also used to capture and conserve clean rainwater for re-use.

Water conservation and stormwater drainage are critical considerations for Lewisville homeowners and rental property managers.

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Green Living With Better Gutters

Our seamless gutter systems are environmentally friendly. All the materials we use are recyclable. Plus, we actively promote the use of eco-friendly measures like rain barrels and rain gardens and even help Lewisville residents install them.

Our systems are even designed to help Lewisville residents manage stormwater runoff, keeping it out of our streets by diverting it to lawns and gardens instead. 

Water Conservation in Lewisville

Residents of Lewisville love the proximity of urban conveniences like schools, shopping and restaurants, along with an easy-going country town feel.

Wrapped around the south end of Lewisville Lake, and crowned with Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA), Lewisville offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities. That's why it's become a magnet for young families who want to live a healthy and happy life.

Home and rental property owners are encouraged to participate in sustainable practices related to environmental stewardship.

We even have an adorable Save Water Mascot. Dew, the little drop of water, promises, "I’ll teach you lots of simple ways to save water in your home. If everyone works together, we can save enough water to last into the future.”

Resources for Lewisville Homeowners

2. Mosquitoes

Our second concern in Lewisville are floodwater mosquitoes. These bloodsuckers leave painful, itchy bites on our arms and legs. And they also carry diseases in Texas, most notably, West Nile Virus.

It's imperative to reduce all instances of standing water around your home. Most notoriously, mosquitoes use clogged gutters to generate infestations so severe you have to stay indoors from dusk to dawn, and cover up with long pants and sleeves when outdoors.

Our gutter cleaning technicians will get your gutters unobstructed and fully functional to discourage mosquitoes from breeding. 

Get Affordable, Professional Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Tex’s team of gutter technicians efficiently and safely clean your gutters using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions. You can even schedule regular cleaning with us for worry-free, budget-friendly, year-round gutter maintenance.

As part of our Gutter Tex cleaning protocol, we inspect your gutters for damage or weaknesses, and notify you of any problems we observe, as well as recommend practical solutions.

Fast and Efficient Install!

Jose and Lido did a great job of installing gutters and downspouts on my new carriage house. They were on time, fast, and efficient, and the gutters look great. Excellent job at a reasonable price.
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Are Gutter Guards Helpful in Lewisville?

Gutter guards protect your gutters from breeding mosquitoes and other pests that nest in neglected gutters.

Protection from Tree Debris

Part of Lewisville's long-range Healthy Infrastructure Plan is the creation of an urban tree canopy.

During heavy spring rainstorms, the urban tree canopy fills a valuable stormwater management role by blocking rainfall that would flood streets and sidewalks.

The urban tree canopy also moderates the urban heat island effect, by lowering outdoor air temperatures, which, in turn, reduces home cooling expenses.

Other benefits include providing roosting for our beloved Purple Martins in summertime, as well as a reduction in air pollution. We cannot underestimate the aesthetic and community benefits that improve the overall quality of life in Lewisville.

Gutter Repairs

You don’t always need a new gutter system. But, at some stage, your gutter system may require repairs to operate optimally.

It can be difficult for a homeowner to spot minor gutter damage, especially looking up from the ground. And that's where our professional expertise and equipment comes in.

We offer carpentry when siding repair, exterior trim repair or installation is required. We also repair or replace worn or damaged hangers and attachments.

Get New Gutter Installation in Lewisville, TX

Gutter Tex offers new gutters for homes all over Lewisville, from Timber Hill to Sylvan Creek. Settlers Village, Indian Oaks, Verona, Creekside, Meadow Glen, Valley Vista, Castle Hills, Westwood Estates, Bella Lago, and The Highlands are all in our service area.

We manufacture and install seamless lengths of aluminum, galvanized, or copper guttering from our mobile factory.

Yes! You read that right! Our Gutter Tex crew custom builds your new gutter system right there on-site!

  • All seamless gutters installed by Gutter Tex come with their own respective manufacturer warranties, so the quality of the materials is guaranteed.
  • But, we also believe in the quality of our craftsmanship, which is why we offer a five-year limited labor warranty on each new installation.

With more than 15 years experience, Gutter Tex are your gutter experts. Learn how affordable it can be to 'go seamless'!

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Long-Lasting Seamless Gutters in Lewisville

Gutters have come a long way. Gone are the faulty joints which caused so many leaks and clog points. Instead, you get a gutter that's custom-cut to the length of your home. The only join points are at the corners.

Forget replacing your gutters every 5 to 7 years. Our seamless systems last 20 to 100 years, depending on whether you choose aluminum, galvalume, or copper.

Forget about painting your gutters. Our gutters come in 57 colors and can match nearly any trim.

Finally, our fasteners are better. We use rivets instead of screws to create a secure fit and reduce the chances that your gutter system will develop rust.

Lavish Copper Gutters

Famous for the signature blue-green patina, copper gutters are incredibly beautiful with a classic elegance that enhances traditional, colonial, mission revival, and modern homes.

Copper gutters come in a range of shapes and sizes including box-style, K-style and half-round to accommodate all architectural styles popular in Lewisville.

Durable and long-lived, copper is resistant to the damage caused by rust, corrosion and UV rays.

Yes, copper is more expensive, but its aesthetic appeal and durability make it a superior choice for discerning homeowners looking for the absolute best gutter system available.

For inspiration, see some of our recent copper, and other, gutter projects.

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Lewisville Gutter FAQs

How long can I expect my new gutters to last?

  • A seamless system (aluminum or galvanized) has an expected lifespan of about twenty years.
  • Copper systems last around fifty years.
  • Sectional gutters have much shorter life spans.

If your house has no gutters, or your system is reaching the end of its expected life, let's talk about new gutters.

Are seamless gutters expensive?

Installing quality gutters is a smart investment and well worth the cost.

View our FAQ page for answers to more questions.

Rainwater Collection Systems Available Near You

Save Money and the Planet with a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel lets you capture rainwater from your gutters that you can use for any safe "grey water" application. You'll save money, and you'll reduce burdens on the Lewisville water supply.

The Gutter Tex team offers a hassle-free rain barrel installation option. Just choose the size and the color from our selection, and we'll do the rest. 

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Enjoy Soothing Rain Chain Melodies

Replace your downspout with a rain chain to musically carry water from your gutter while preventing the types of clogs that can plague downspouts. Rain chains create pleasant sounds and scenery while controlling the flow of water from your gutters.

Choose one from our wide selection. We'll install them near windows or porches so you can enjoy the sight and sound of your rain chain every time there's a storm!

Rain Gardens

A rain garden offers a lovely way to work with the Lewisville ecosystem instead of against it. Create a small depression in the ground and have us connect it to your gutter system with a downspout extender.

Then, fill it with local plants like Texas bluebonnets, prairie verbena, coral honeysuckle, and scarlet sage.

You'll get a glorious riot of color while addressing stormwater pollution. You'll help restore a bit of ecosystem for birds, bees, and butterflies. And you'll earn at least one part of your lawn, garden, or landscape that doesn't require your constant attention to thrive.

Ask us how we can help you create your new rain garden today!

Worth It!

Our gutter installation looks great. They have competitive pricing. A little higher than some of the other bids I received, but their warranty and customer service are worth it!
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Improved Curb Appeal!

Guys were professional and final product really added to the curb appeal of our home. Highly recommend Gutter Tex.

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Lewisville Gutter Tex Systems

Gutter Tex is your professional budget-friendly option for all your gutter needs, from installation to repair and cleaning.

We offer quality gutter services to the homeowners in Lewisville and surrounding neighborhoods. For your peace of mind, we're bonded and insured ($2 million in liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance), with a 5-year limited labor warranty, and are A rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Ask for the 10% discount for seniors, military, teachers, and first responders. A percentage of all sales are donated to local charities.

So, give us click to set up your free, no-surprises gutter cleaning, repair or installation estimate.