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Are gutter repairs bringing you down? Don’t worry, Gutter Tex of Dallas, TX is here to help with all your gutter repair needs! Our rain gutter repair services get your gutters flowing to protect your home.

Affordable gutter repair from Gutter Tex is just a phone call away. We offer free gutter inspection and estimates.

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Impressive Gutter Install!

I decided to go with Gutter Tex for a gutter install after reviewing several quotes from different vendors. Dan-O was very responsive and well-informed. He promptly answered all my questions, and we were able to set an install date. Emiliano and Marcelo came out and were very courteous and respectful of my property. They cleaned up after themselves and did an excellent job. I am pleased with Gutter Tex and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to install gutters.

Will J., Dallas, TX

Gutter Tex is a Veteran Owned Business

Why You MUST Have Working Gutters

You must have working gutters to keep rainwater from damaging your home. Without working gutters, rainwater erodes away soil, landscaping and the ground your home’s foundation sits on.

The damage resulting from broken gutters can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

No gutter repair costs as much as foundation repair once the damage is done.

In fact, Consumer Reports lists runaway rainwater puddling at the foundation as the number one cause of massive home damage. They rank gutter repair as the #1 home maintenance investment you can make to prevent big problems later.

Do Your Gutters Need Repairs?

Do you have areas along the gutter that turn into waterfalls every time it rains? Are your gutters sagging or slipping their brackets? Is your fascia board detaching because the weight of clogged gutters is bringing them down? If you see any of these signs, your gutters may need a little TLC.

Gutter Repair, a gutter downspout with leaking joints in Texas
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Gutter Repair, Hole in Gutter in Garland, Texas
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Signs your gutters need repair include:

  • Gaps in gutter joins
  • Holes, cracks or damage from falling debris
  • Sagging gutters-gutters clogged with debris get heavy
  • Peeling exterior paint from water exposure
  • Rust on your gutters
  • Mold in the basement
  • Soil erosion around your home
  • “Gutter waterfalls” from your roof when it rains
  • Finding nails or screws in your yard
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Mold on wall-Gutter Tex-Fort Worth TX
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Can Gutter Tex Fix My Gutters?

We are happy to offer gutter repair services wherever they’ll work. However, if your rain gutters are over seven years old or have deteriorated to where they’re impossible to repair, we will discuss replacement alternatives.

We know protecting your home is a top priority and work fast to make sure you have a working gutter system.

Hassle Free!

Absolute hassle free gutter installation. Very professional interactions with the office team, sales team and the installation crew. Competitive price, but what won me over was great communication and customer service. Highly recommend!

Debbie L.

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Why You Should Never DIY Rain Gutter Repair

DIY rain gutter repair isn’t the best way to protect your family and your home.

  • Gutter systems are more complex than they look – proper pitch and angle are critical to proper operation. Get one spot wrong and you mess up the entire system.
  • It’s dangerous to climb on ladders and roofs. It is especially hazardous when you need to carry up all the tools and supplies you need to work on the gutters.
  • Save time for fun. Do you want to spend your day off climbing up and down a ladder, and slopping into wet, slimy, moldy gutter debris? We know you don’t.
  • It’s usually less expensive to hire a professional like Gutter Tex to repair your gutters than hire someone to fix gutter repair mistakes and resulting water damage later.

Additional Services

While we’re there fixing a gutter, don’t forget to talk to your Gutter Tex expert about other products and services that protect and beautify your home.

We offer seamless gutter installation, cleaning, rainwater collection, rain chains, gutter guards, and gutter channel extensions.

Hate dealing with the hassle of changing outdoor lightbulbs? We've got your back! When you call in for a quote, give us a heads-up that you'd like us to tackle this chore. Prep your preferred bulbs, and we'll make the switch hassle-free.

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Dallas gets about 40 inches of rain every year. We’re no strangers to severe storms and torrential rain. No Dallas homeowner can afford to go without great gutters protecting their home.

So, if your gutters need attention, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule a rain gutter repair estimate today.

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