Gutter Guards Installation in Dallas, TX

The frequent and heavy rainfall in Dallas, TX, makes properly functioning gutters important to the protection of your home, so installing gutter guards should be a top priority.

Gutter Tex of Dallas offers some of the finest gutter guard products installed by our professional crews. Give your home the best protection you can from Dallas’s sudden downpours.

What’s the Problem?

Are your gutters filling with leaves and debris? Are you tired of spending time on a ladder when you’d rather be doing anything else? Gutter Tex Dallas has a solution for you with the market's leading gutter guards.

On many Dallas properties, homeowners have planted varieties of oak trees. These trees offer wonderful shade but aggressively shed their leaves and twigs onto your roof and right into your gutters. This means frequent gutter cleaning to keep the water flowing!

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Why Clogged and Unprotected Gutters are Dangerous

There are several reasons clogged gutters are dangerous.

  1. The first is that leaf debris in the gutters is a fire hazard. It just takes one stray spark for all those leaves and twigs to act as kindling. The fire can quickly spread to your attic or roof cavity.
  2. The second reason is that clogged gutters encourage creatures to come and build nests in your gutters and attic. Critters cause dangerous, unpleasant problems. Eventually, you’ll have to call professionals to come and remove them.
  3. Finally, there’s the fact that clogged gutters don’t do what they’re supposed to do, which is shunt water away from your home. Dallas gets a lot of rain every year, which can significantly damage your siding, window frames, door frames, foundation, and landscaping.

Working rain gutters move the flow of water away from your home, providing protection from erosion and flooding, but only if they are clean and clear.

What's the Solution?

Gutter guards can help. When you install gutter guards, you can get away with cleaning them less frequently. Gutter guards reduce the debris entering your gutters, which reduces clogging. With this added protection, rain gutters function better and last longer, so your home will enjoy superior water damage protection.

Although tree leaves and twigs can muck up your gutters but of course, we love our trees and want to keep them. In fact, the City of Dallas is planting more trees all over town. You can help reforest Dallas by joining in tree plantings on the city’s public land. Visit the Dallas city page to find out how you can help keep our city green.

Why are Gutter Guards Important?

Most people should clean their gutters more often than they do.

The gutters are an oft-overlooked system in many homes. That’s because they’re “out of sight, out of mind.” Unfortunately, neglecting your gutters can cause expensive repairs.

By adding gutter guards, you decrease the frequency of gutter cleaning and minimize clogs. In the long run, this saves money on gutter cleaning services and time.

Gutter Tex is a Veteran Owned Business

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Reasonably Priced!

I used Gutter Tex to clean my gutters and put on gutter guards. It was a very easy process and they were reasonably priced. It was done yesterday and was very quick and professional.

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What are the Best Gutter Guards for a DFW Home?

We recommend and install several types of gutter guards depending on the tree coverage of your yard and the pitch of your home’s roof.

Options include:

  • Aluminum expanded wire
  • Leaf guards
  • LeafBlaster® Pro guards

Our Recommendation

LeafBlaster® Pro guards are most often the best gutter guards for Dallas homes. They have a sturdy aluminum railing, so they don’t sag when heavy debris, like broken branches, lands on them.

They include a stainless-steel micro-mesh that makes it difficult for anything but water to travel into your gutters. In fact, they feature holes that are so tight that it’s difficult for even a single pine needle to pass through to the other side. The design allows water to flow into your gutter, not over it, but encourages debris to blow away in the wind.

To maximize the time between cleanings, ask us about LeafBlaster® Pro.

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Leaf Guards - Gutter Covers to Block Clogs - Gutter Tex of Texas

Do Gutter Guards Eliminate the Need for Gutter Cleaning?

You’ll still have to clean your gutters sometimes. Debris will have to be swept over the tops of the gutter guards, and eventually, some debris will work its way past the guards and into your gutters. However, you can double, triple and sometimes even quadruple the time between cleanings.

Unfortunately, no gutter guard completely eliminates the need for cleaning. There’s no such thing as a clog-free gutter.

We can take steps to reduce the time between cleanings. For example, when we install gutter guards, we use rivets instead of screws, which keep debris from catching and building up.

If you have leaf guards, we recommend scheduling at least one cleaning with us during the fall months because there’s more debris to contend with in the autumn.

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Super Responsive!

Gutter Tex did a fabulous job on my gutters. They cleaned, installed leaf guards, and fabricated a new gutter to replace one that had fallen. They are super responsive and on time. Highly recommend.

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Guard Your Gutters Today

Gutter Tex is ready to install the right leaf guards for your home! We understand you don’t want to clean gutters constantly. Let us help you protect your house while saving you time and money with quality gutter guards.

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