Superior Gutter Systems in Garland, TX

What can you expect when you hire Gutter Tex, your local Garland gutter services company, to take care of your home's gutter system?

Superior customer service, durable materials, fine workmanship, and a system that meets the demands of Garland weather conditions.

We offer every service your system could possibly need.


Always On Time and Affordable

I have used GutterTex for years for both regular cleanings and repairs. They are always on time, efficient, and not too pricey. Dan O and his team do a great job. Highly recommend.
Theresa G., Garland, TX

Gutters Before Cleaning
Before Gutter Cleaning
Gutters After Cleaning
After Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Services

Clear the clutter from your gutters!

Let GutterTex make your gutters look as good as new again. Our gutter cleaning service uses powerful equipment to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris that might be clogging your gutters.

Our team even performs an inspection to check for necessary repairs!

Our cleaning services are so affordable you won't even feel a speck of guilt for staying off that ladder, so contact us today!

Gutter Repair Services

Are ugly gutter stains ruining your curb appeal?

Gutter Tex makes it right!

Those unseemly stains under your gutters have got to go, and we know what causes them: rusty gutters, leaky gutters, clogged and overflowing gutters, and gutters that are listing away from your house.

Fortunately, our repair specialists are armed with the tools, equipment, and know-how to help you restore your gutter systems to good working order so you can say goodbye to tiger striping, mildew, and moss.

Contact us for an affordable, cost-effective repair or an honest assessment of whether or not you need a new gutter system now.

New Seamless Gutter Installations in Garland, TX

Tech Working on Installation-Ladder-Garland-Gutter Tex-600x600Protect your foundation with seamless gutters!

The innovative single-piece design of these custom-cut gutters prevents leaks while safeguarding your siding and trim. We design each set of seamless gutters precisely for your home's roofline.

Each heavy-duty gutter system lasts for 20 years or more and is designed to keep water flowing freely.

If you're ready to ditch patchwork sectional gutters for durable, resilient seamless systems professionally installed to match your home's style, color, and needs, then contact Gutter Tex today.

Leaf Guard Installations in Garland, TX

Stop gutter cleaning hassles before they start by requesting gutter guard installation today! Garland trees fill gutters fast, but with our micromesh gutter guards, you could reduce gutter cleaning to an annual event.

Prevent rot, erosion, and water damage from clogged gutters. Safeguard the beauty and value of your home with this maintenance-minimizing upgrade.

Ask our technicians to show you your options from Senox® and LeafBlaster Pro®, two of the industry's most trusted names!

Rain chains look beautiful when it rains, and sound delightful on windy days.

Garland Rain Barrel Installation

Curb mosquitoes and water bills with rain barrels! Our rain barrels prevent downspout rainwater from becoming a stagnant mosquito breeding ground while giving you a steady supply of gray water to use on your flower beds, bird baths, and cleaning efforts.

Gutter Tex will set up your barrel and configure your drainage to give you the perfect rain barrel experience. We offer a variety of colors and styles. Ask us about your rain barrel options today!

Garland Rain Chain Installation

Add beauty and prevent clogs with rain chains!

Swap your ordinary downspout for a decorative rain chain that entertains your senses with pleasant trickling sounds. Rain chains are a work of art that delights the senses while sending water far from your home. They also clog less than downspouts do!

Our team offers a variety of rain chains to choose from. Ask your Gutter Tex technician if rain chains are right for your home!

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We keep our prices fair without sacrificing quality, and we offer financing to Garland residents. You can apply right here on our website. Seniors, members of the military, teachers, and first responders get 10% off!

We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry, alongside the kind of customer service and high-quality workmanship that will make you want to call us again and again.

Find out why so many Garland residents trust GutterTex. Book your first appointment today!