Professional Gutter Installation and Repair in Cibolo, TX

Gutter Tex owners Dan Ouellette and Dan Schaeffer want to make sure you have the best experience and the high quality you deserve when you replace the gutters on your Cibolo home.

The team has over 15 years of combined experience in construction and home service in your area, making them knowledgeable on the specific needs in the local community.

We also give back. Donating to a supported charity with each sale. Having your gutters replaced by Gutter Tex gives you a high-quality job you can feel good about.

Seamless Systems

Seamless Rain Gutter Installation - Gutter Tex - Cibolo, TX - Closeup of white seamless guttersOriginally gutter installation started with smaller sections, welded together to fit the length of your roof.

These pieces would sometimes stay together, and sometimes they would rust apart after only a few years.

Seamless gutters are a much more efficient system.

With no seams, they allow water to travel away from the roof and down the spout without obstructions.

No welded seams also mean a longer life for your system. Not only do they function better, but they also have a look which will add value to your home.

Gutter Installation for Cibolo Homeowners

Gutter installation starts with a hanging system. This makes them almost invisible to anyone passing by. They are a part of the home’s visual aesthetic, adding beauty to the design.

Installation is best left to the professionals, to avoid accidents. The trained team at Gutter Tex has all the tools and equipment to deliver high-quality results every time.


Gutter Cleaning Service

Regular gutter cleaning extends the life and increases the efficiency of your seamless system. This important maintenance should be performed in the spring and again in the fall.

Debris, such as leaves, needles, and even pollen, gathers in your roof gutters. Clearing these out and flushing the downspouts are critical in preventing clogs and backups and removes tinder that becomes a fire hazard. Cleaning also eliminates tarnish and streaks on the exterior.

Gutter cleaning is a stand-alone service offered by Gutter Tex.

Gutter Guards

Leaf Guards - Gutter Tex - Cibolo, TX - Expanded Wire on Roof GutterLeaf guards prevent debris from entering your rain gutters. Nothing eliminates the need for regular cleaning. These handy items can extend the time between them and increase the life of your seamless system.

Gutter screens make it harder for most debris to enter the channel. Combined with proper installation and a seamless surface this means less and smaller objects to snag and fewer points for them to catch on. Meaning, they do more than allow you to go longer between cleanings. Gutter guards help prevent clogs and tears that leaves and sticks can cause.

Your home is unique. The correct gutter guard depends on your home and yard. Find out which is right for you before proceeding.

Gutter Repair in Cibolo

Downspouts and end caps can detach. The protective coating wears away, allowing rust. Rust which can eat through the metal. There is good news. If you repair it soon enough, you may not have to replace your seamless gutters.

We can reattach and secure your downspout and end pieces. It is possible to reapply the water-resistant coating. A professional can patch small holes in the metal. But if you let the small issues go, they will turn into larger ones.

Trim Repair and Replacement

When installing new gutters, it is important to check the status of the trim on your home.

The old gutter system may have caused a backup of rainwater, affecting other areas of your home. Mold and fungus can begin to grow behind the trim on the outside of your house, where it is invisible to the untrained eye.

Having a professional inspect the trim and replace any needed pieces now will ensure there are no costly repairs down the road.

Why Your Home Needs Gutters

Gutters are an important part of the design of your home. Without them, problems can arise at the foundation.

Soil Expansion

The soil around your home expands with moisture and contracts when it evaporates. Rainwater falling off the roof of the house causes an unnatural pattern of expansion and is one of the leading causes for foundation damage.

Water Pooling

Another danger of not having gutters is the potential for water pooling around your home.

Pooling, or standing water, can be unsightly. It also gives insects like mosquitoes a place to lay eggs, turning your yard into a breeding ground. Avoid the annoyance and itchy bites by installing gutters and focusing the rainwater away from the base of your home.

Visit our house gutter knowledge center to learn more.

Services for Cibolo

Gutter Tex offers the following services:

  • Gutter Installation, Repair, Removal, and Replacement
  • Downspouts
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Leaf Guards/Gutter Guards
  • 5" and 6" K Style Gutter
  • Half Round Gutters
  • Rain Chains
  • Rain Barrels
  • Siding Repair
  • Exterior Trim Installation and Repair

If you need our services, give us a call today. We can offer you a free consultation and will see the job through to the end. Our knowledgeable team can provide solutions to these common rainwater issues.


Happily Serving Cibolo

The “City of Choice” is a place were are happy to do business. For some reason, we're partial to bowling alleys like the Cibolo Bowling Club. Except you may not like the gutters you get here as compared to the gutters we'll provide!

Most of the rain in the area comes in large downpours after long dry spells. Our seamless gutter services help protect your home from water damage during the rain; and from fire hazards that come from dry debris that gathers when it is hot.

Our Cibolo Neighbors

We offer services in all Cibolo neighborhoods and the surrounding area, including Green Valley/Kove Ln, Dietz Rd, and City Center.

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