Castle Hills Gutter Service

In Castle Hills, TX, a seamless gutter system protects your home and yard. Without one, your siding, windows, and even inside your home are more susceptible to damaged siding, mildew, mold, and foundation and yard damage. These problems are significant, and they bring health concerns and decreased property value with them.

Clogged and damaged systems can cause these problems and others, including an increased likelihood of pests in your gutters and fire hazards. A well maintained, regularly cleaned system protects your home and lawn for twenty or more years.

Does your Castle Hills home have the proper system for your needs? Whether you need gutter cleaning, repairs, replacement, or a whole new system, Gutter Tex is your expert. We bring the experience and training to do it right, and back it with our workmanship warranty.

Gutter Service in Castle Hills, TX

We offer the following services to the residents of Castle Hills.

Gutter Cleaning for Your Castle Hills Home

Castle Hills enjoys a subtropical climate. With the hot, humid summers and very mild winters, there is even more reason than normal to have your gutters cleaned.

During Summer, wildfires become a real threat. You don’t even need to live near a wildfire to be in danger.

In the warmer months, wind deposits leaves and needles into your seamless system. As the long hot summer continues, this material dries out, becoming the perfect fuel. An ember or spark carried on the wind can ignite it. This is one of the fastest ways roof fires begin.

We strongly advise letting our team of professionals clean your gutters. The danger of falling from a ladder is very real. There is also the possibility that you may damage the system you're trying to clean, through the incorrect placement of your ladder.

We use expert cleaning methods and equipment which is superior to, and safer than, any DIY method. Why not book us in for regular cleaning? That way, you can spend a whole day out at Castle Hills common on those balmy summer days.


Castle Hills Gutter Installation

Like any feature of your home, sun, adverse weather, and just time itself can result in the need to replace your seamless gutters.

Your gutter system serves a vital function. It directs rainwater away from your home’s walls and foundations. When they are missing or broken down, they open the way for damage to your walls and can seriously damage your soil and foundations.

Replacing your system is a far cheaper and practical alternative to structural repairs on your home. Just ask any builder.

Gutter Tex has many happy Castle Hills homeowners as customers. We’ve managed to save them a lot of worry and money with our expert seamless guttering solutions. We manufacture and install seamless, aluminum lengths onsite. We provide a workmanship warranty and only use environmentally friendly workplace practices.

Thanks to Keith and Jonathan for a great job on updating our house gutters. We have been enjoying the improvement ever since. The quote done by Keith was nicely detailed with marked up pictures of our house for clarity. The work was done on schedule and Jonathan was very easy to communicate with and responsive throughout the installation.
- 5 Star Review on Google, Helen B.

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You can call us and arrange a no-obligation quote. We’ll discuss your needs, color choices and address any concerns you may have.

Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards

We’ve already discussed the importance of regular cleaning. Gutter Guards go a long way in reducing the amount of debris entering your gutters.

Don’t be fooled into believing that they act as a replacement for cleaning; they don’t. What they will do is reduce the accumulation of larger matter such as leaves and twigs.

Gutter Tex has a range of gutter guards we recommend and install. Basically, a guard is a fine mesh that attaches over your system to act as a filter. Different houses require different solutions. We can arrange an inspection and recommend a make and model that matches your needs.

Contact us to arrange your no-obligation inspection and quote.

How Gutter Repair Extends the Life of Your Castle Hills Gutter System

Let’s face it; home maintenance is an ongoing chore. Faucet washers need replacing. Walls need repainting, and so on. Your gutters are subject to the same wear and tear as any other part of your house. Rust is an inevitable invader. It can eat away at the brackets and screws which hold your gutters. You can also find it inside your gutters.

We use rivets for stronger, longer-lasting, safer attachments.

Wouldn't you rather be enjoying the Castle Hills weather? Our team are experts in spotting all types of damage, and potential damage, to your system. We employ the best and most up to date methods in repair work. This may involve something as simple as replacing a loose attachment. Or it may involve something more substantial such as locating and patching holes.

Whatever the problem, you can rest easy, knowing that Gutter Tex is on top of it. If you notice any problems with the performance of your gutters such as water running through holes, tiger striping, etc. visit us to arrange an obligation free quote for a cost-effective repair, which will extend the life and durability of your gutter system.

Gutter Options for Castle Hills

As an enclave of San Antonio, Castle Hills enjoys a unique position. It is small enough to retain its intimate community feel while at the same time being surrounded by San Antonio. It retains the charm and community of a small town while being able to partake in all the vibrancy of a large metropolitan city. Castle Hills is the kind of place where residents know what's right for them.

At Gutter Tex, we help you choose what’s right for you. Options we offer include:

  • 5” or 6” K-Style or Half-Round
  • Aluminum, Copper, or Galvanized
  • Many Colors to Choose From

Serving All of Castle Hills

We proudly offer gutter service in Castle Hills, TX and the surrounding neighborhoods in the 78213 zip code.

Whatever gutter service you need in Castle Hills, contact us for an estimate. And if your house needs painting, ask us about that too while we're there.