Alamo Heights, TX Gutter Service

Seamless gutters in Alamo Heights, TX are hard at work, and generally unnoticed until something goes wrong.

A quality system is an investment that lasts 20 plus years when properly repaired and maintained. During that time, it protects your home and yard from significant structural and financial damage.

What are the dangers of a missing gutter system? Soil erosion, which causes lawn and plant damage. Soil compaction, which endangers your foundation. Dangers to your home include mold, mildew, and rotting siding. A damaged or blocked system brings many of the same dangers, as well as increased risk of pests and fire hazards.

Some homeowners give in to the temptation to cut corners with inferior sectional choices or doing the work themselves. Why spend your weekend doing a dirty, dangerous job?

Gutter Tex brings the experience, training, and quality products to ensure your peace of mind whether you need gutter installation, repair, or cleaning. And our installations and repairs come with a workmanship warranty.

Gutter Service in Alamo Heights, TX

We offer the following services in Alamo Heights.

Gutter Installation in Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights was incorporated in 1922 and saw rapid expansion and growth in the late 20s and mid-40s. There are now houses and dwellings that represent over one hundred years of building development from each decade of the 20th century.

Residents understand water, and the fun you can have in it. Why else would the pool have lasted for more than 71 years? You also know the dangers that long dry periods and heavy rains present to your home and soil.

Time isn’t kind to any structure, and one of the first things that show signs of age and wear is your gutter system. It’s constantly working to protect your home, in all kinds of weather. Sometimes a whole new system is required for these buildings.

Professionals You Can Trust

Homes in Alamo Heights range from free-standing houses, townhouses, duplexes, and more. What’s the one thing all these homes have in common? Gutters! New or historical, don’t trust your home’s safety to just anyone.

Gutter Tex is the professional in all aspects of gutter service in Alamo Heights, TX from installation to maintenance to repairs, and cleaning. Our onsite mobile factory produces lengths of seamless aluminum gutter, designed to fit your home perfectly.

Before we start, we provide you with a free consultation and quote. You can even choose the color or finish of your new system.

Did you know we make and install copper guttering should you want your home to have a historical look? With our workmanship guarantee and environmentally friendly practices, you can leave your new installation in our experienced hands.

And while we have our crew and ladders at your property, we can also paint your home, outside and inside. Ask for an estimate when we visit for your free gutter evaluation.

Excellent company. Everything from the original appointment to the extremely detailed estimate to the actual installation was handled professionally. Keith was great on followup and the actual installers worked diligently and with attention to detail. I would definitely recommend Gutter Tex to anyone looking for a quality company.
- 5 Star Google Review, Suzette S.

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Repairing the Gutters On Your Alamo Heights Home

Gutter-Service-Gutter-Tex-Alamo-Heights-TX-Corroded-K-Style-Gutter-WhiteOur eagle-eyed teams have years of experience in spotting and repairing damage to gutter systems.

Some damage comes from rust, which leads to holes. We can quickly and effectively remove the rust and repair any areas where oxidization has occurred.

Debris in your gutters, such as twigs, can also cause holes, as well as blockage.

Other components of your system, such as the brackets and screws (we use rivets for a secure hold that lasts) that attach and hold up your guttering may need replacement.

The money you spend on repairing and extending the life of your system is insignificant when compared to the cost of repairing the damage that rainwater can cause to your walls and foundation. You can call us anytime to arrange an obligation free quote.

Why Cleaning the Gutters of Your Alamo Heights Home Is Essential

At the very least, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. This surprises many homeowners as they assume they only need cleaning during Fall.

Fall is the time when leaves, twigs, dust, and dirt tend to end up in your seamless system, in great abundance. However, you should also have them cleaned in Spring and Summer.

Why Spring / Summer Cleaning?

Although the weather is warm, leaves and organic matter can be whipped up by a breeze and deposited into your gutters. Here, as the days get warmer, the leaves dry out, turning into the perfect tinder. Wind can carry sparks or embers from barbeques or firepits.

These sparks can end up starting a fire in the organic fuel. Since your gutters are attached to your roof, it’s the quickest way for a fire to spread into your attic or roof cavity.

Why Fall Gutter Cleaning?

During the colder months, leaves and other matter can accumulate and block your system. There is also the temptation for critters such as mosquitoes and mice to create nests in your gutters.

While a lot of homeowners go down the DIY route for cleaning, we strongly advise against it. Aside from the potential danger of falling from a ladder, there is also the risk that you may actually damage the guttering.

We use the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your gutters remain clean and free of pests and fire hazards.

Protecting Your Alamo Heights Home with Gutter Guards

You can vastly reduce the amount of debris that ends up in your gutters with the installation of gutter guards. These will never entirely replace the need for cleaning, but they will dramatically increase the time between cleanings, saving you both time and money.

There are various makes and models on the market. They essentially work as a fine mesh screen to block large leaves, twigs, and other matter from getting into your gutter. Gutter Tex only installs the best makes and models of gutter guards.

Every home is different, so there isn’t a one size fits all solution to installing these.

Visit or call us. We’ll be only too happy to come to your home and show you samples of the types of gutter guards we install and recommend as well as discussing a tailor-made solution for your needs.

Gutter Options for Alamo Heights

Here are some of the options Gutter Tex provides.

  • 5” or 6” K-Style or Half-Round
  • Aluminum, Copper, or Galvanized
  • Many Colors to Choose From

Let us help you pick the right seamless gutter options for your home.

Serving All of Alamo Heights

We proudly serve all Alamo Heights, TX, and the surrounding areas in the 78029 zip code.

Whatever gutter service you need in Alamo Heights, contact us for an estimate.