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Seamless Gutters for Your Texas Home

East Texas gets its fair share of heavy rainfall. But there's good news! Seamless gutter installation, cleaning, gutter guards, and repair provide an affordable, low-maintenance solution to protect your house.

Avoid expensive repairs down the road by getting ahead of gutter drainage issues now. Our team at Gutter Tex offers customized solutions to handle the weather challenges Texas storms bring.

Why Choose Gutter Tex?

​Our goal is to give you the best contractor experience you'll ever have! Gutters aren't the most exciting home improvement, but they serve a vital function. Let us help you save money and avoid heartbreak down the line with a quality gutter system that protects your home and looks fantastic, too.

We can help you blend a gutter system with your existing exterior color scheme or showcase them as an elegant feature of your home's architecture.

10 Ways We Earn Your Trust

★ 5-year limited labor warranty.

★ Super easy scheduling and very responsive customer communication process.

★ Proud to be a Veteran-owned business.

★ 10% discount to seniors, military, teachers, first responders.

★ Eco-friendly materials, recycling, and methods.

★ Affordable financing available.

★ Over 20 years' experience. Hundreds of customer reviews.

★ Bonded and insured for your protection.

★ Top quality, locally sourced materials. We support our local economy.

★ Learn about our active donations to Texas charities.

Which Type of Gutter is Best?

Consumer Reports lists runaway rainwater that pours over the guttering and puddles along the foundation as the #1 home repair you can invest in to prevent major problems later.

Texas rain storms can wreak havoc right under your nose. Constant wet and dry cycles cause expansion and contraction in the soil around your foundation. Over time, this results in cracks and shifting that ruin your home's structural integrity.

Repairs often cost thousands and aren't covered by insurance. Meanwhile, leaking or overflowing gutters dump water right next to your house. This leads to more erosion, mold growth, and drainage problems that can even destroy landscaping.

Gutter Tex helps you maintain a system that look great while protecting your Texas home.

The Best Gutters Provide Reliable Protection

Seamless gutters are best as a durable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting system. Aluminum is the most popular material, but galvalume is far stronger than aluminum alone (which can get damaged by hail and falling tree branches).

Choosing the best rain gutters also depends on your home's roof, siding, and surrounding landscape. Using quality manufacturers of rain protection systems, we create and install custom seamless Texas gutters to fit your exact home style and measurements. Choose from dozens of gutter colors.

Superior Product, Crew, and Pricing

"Seamless gutter professionals from my first point of contact with them. They came out to bid the gutter project on our new home in Fischer within a couple days. Were a couple weeks quicker than they thought to start the project. Arrived respectfully early on the job, got right to work and cleaned up when they were done. Only wish I had used them on the two previous gutter jobs we've done in the last few years. Superior product, crew, and pricing compared to Lowes."

Beyond My Expectations!

"We live in Schertz and whenever we can, we hire locally, and we got really lucky when we stumbled onto Gutter Tex. We needed our gutters cleaned. George was very responsive to our questions and concerns. They were able to work with us regarding the estimate. They let us know when they were finished, leaving our property tidy and looking uplifted and beyond my expectations in a timely fashion. We will definitely use them again."

Seamless Gutter Installation

There are big differences between the old sectionals vs the new seamless gutters. You need a sturdy system that withstand the water and winds. You also want a gutter system that resists clogs, leaks, corrosion, and pests. Choose gutter replacement using the most durable and effective materials available.

Texas Gutter Contractors - Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth - Gutter Tex Truck and Installers
Texas Gutter Guards - Austin, San Antonio - Wire Mesh Leaf Screens

Gutter Guard Protection

Are gutter guards really worth it? Gutter Guards (aka leaf guards or leaf screens) decrease and sometimes eliminate leaves, debris, and pests from entering your gutters. The screen mesh also helps with fire prevention. It only takes an ember to set the debris in your gutters ablaze. Leaf guards extend the time needed between when you need cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Services

It's ideal to clean the gutters twice a year - spring and fall. The scorching heat of Texas summers dries out leaves and other gutter debris, making them a fire hazard. During the rainy season, organic matter builds up in your gutter system, gets wet, clumps together to form a sort of dam, and restricts water flow. Protect your home from water damage with Gutter Tex.

Texas Gutter Cleaning - Garland - Gutter Tex Technician Cleaning Gutters
Gutter Repair - Rainwater Overflow - Texas Homes - Gutter Tex

Rain Gutter Repair

Most of us don't think about gutter repair until we notice damage to our home, lawn, or landscaping. Be proactive with these warning signs of gutter failure and catch problems before it's too late. Runaway water (that pours over the gutters) is one such issue. Gutter repair services include soffit and fascia, as well as exterior trim and siding repair as needed.

Gutter Downspout

The gutter downspout can be one of the biggest problem areas for clogs. Unfortunately, ​because of a lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear, improper installation, or damage from falling objects and weather, downspouts often need repair. A downspout that isn’t working as it should can cause leakage, pooling water, and damage to siding, landscaping, or the foundation.

Gutter Downspout Repair and Replacement - Texas Gutters - Gutter Tex
Pressure Washing - Sidewalk - Austin TX - Gutter Tex 2

Pressure Washing - Soft Washing

We offer pressure washing services for walkable, non-painted concrete, brick, or flagstone surfaces. Pressure washing thoroughly cleans these surfaces like new. It also reduces the risk of premature deterioration, helps keep bugs and spiders away from your home, and improves curb appeal. Check out the gallery now.

So Greatly Appreciated!

"Excellent Work installing gutters in back of home as well as adding addition to control strong rain over my patio. Your professional work is so greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you again for installation on the front of the house."

Excellent Job. Reasonable Price.

"Jose and Lido did a great job of installing gutters and downspouts on my new carriage house. They were on time, fast and efficient and the gutters look great. Excellent job at a reasonable price."

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Find Out How Affordable Gutters are for Your Texas Home

Gutter replacement styles and materials include seamless half-round, 5" and 6" k-style, aluminum, galvanized steel (galvalume), and copper gutters. We will also install your rain barrel, rain chains, or other rain harvesting systems.

Watch for warning signs of gutter failure, get the truth about clog-free gutters, and learn about the best gutter guards for Texas homes.

Ready for new or improved gutters? Use our convenient online booking tool, contact us online, or call the office to schedule an appointment. We will arrive at your home on-time and provide a free, written estimate.